How to Spend an Amazing 10 Days in Egypt?

Welcome to Egypt, a land of pharaohs, temples, and beauty that has stood the test of time. Egypt is fascinating because of its long past, beautiful landscapes, and lively culture. You can see this country’s ancient and modern wonders with well-thought-out Egypt Vacation packages and the best itinerary for 10 days. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make the most of your 10-day Itinerary in Egypt by giving you a thorough itinerary and insider tips.

Day 1: Exploring the Pyramids of Giza & the Egyptian Museum

When you get to Cairo, check into your hotel and get ready for a day of exploring. Start by going to the Egyptian Museum, which has a lot of unique items. The Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza are UNESCO World Heritage sites where you can go inside one of the old tombs and admire their beauty. In the evening, go to a fantastic sound and light show at the Giza Plateau, where the pyramids come to life through captivating stories.

Day 2: Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo is a UNESCO World Heritage site full of old-world beauty. Khan El Khalili is a busy market in Cairo with buildings from the Middle Ages and winding streets where you can buy spices, jewelry, textiles, and other local goods. Visit the beautiful mosques, like the Mosque of Muhammad Ali and the Sultan Hassan Mosque, known for their detailed designs and tall minarets.

Day 3: Luxor and the Valley of the Kings

Take a short flight to Luxor, which is known as the best open-air museum in the world. Explore the Karnak Temples complex, built for the powerful god Amun-Ra. Its huge columns and detailed hieroglyphics will amaze you. Keep going until you reach the West Bank of the Nile, where the Valley of the Kings awaits you. Explore the beautiful tombs of the pharaohs to learn about the secrets of the afterlife.

Day 4: Cruising the Nile

A luxury Nile tour is one of the best things to do in Egypt. As the ship travels along the Nile, you can relax on the deck and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Along the way, you can visit old sites like the Temple of Horus in Edfu and the Temple of Sobek and Horus in Kom Ombo. On board, you can enjoy delicious Egyptian food and learn about the country’s fascinating culture and customs.

Day 5: Aswan and Abu Simbel

Arrive in Aswan, which is a lovely city on the Nile. Visit the beautiful Philae Temple, which was moved to its current site after the High Dam was built and is dedicated to the goddess Isis. Take a boat to the beautiful Elephantine Island and walk peacefully through its lush grounds. Take an optional trip to Abu Simbel, where giant statues of Ramses II guard the door to beautiful temples, to understand how grand ancient Egypt was.

Day 6: Red Sea Adventure

Leave the historical places behind and spend a day relaxing and exploring the coast of the Red Sea. You can do many things in the water, like swimming, diving, or relaxing on the beautiful beaches. You’ll be amazed by how clear the water is and full of life it is. Don’t miss the chance to see the beautiful coral reefs of Ras Mohammed National Park, a paradise for people who like to dive.

Day 7: Alexandria’s Coastal Charm

Go north to Alexandria, a coastal city with much history and charm. Check out the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, an underground cemetery from the 2nd century. See the beautiful Montaza Palace, surrounded by beautiful grounds, and looks out over the Mediterranean Sea. Take a stroll along the Corniche, a beautiful walkway along the water, and stop at one of the nearby restaurants for some tasty seafood.

Day 8: Diving in the Red Sea

Go back to the Red Sea for another day of exploring under the water. Dive into the colorful coral reefs, home to a wide range of sea life. Divers with more experience can go deeper to find shipwrecks and underwater caves. No matter how experienced you are as a diver, the Red Sea will give you a world-class diving experience you will always remember.

Day 9: Sinai Peninsula and St. Catherine’s Monastery

Start a trip to the Sinai Peninsula, which is full of rough rocks and has a lot of spiritual meaning. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of St. Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai. Check out the old holy books and see the famous “Burning Bush.” For those with a sense of adventure, hiking to the top of Mount Sinai is a tough task, but the views at sunrise or sunset are stunning.

Day 10: Relaxing in Sharm El Sheikh

Your 10-day trip will end in Sharm El Sheikh, a lively tourist town. You can relax on the golden beaches, get a spa treatment, or check out the vibrant scene. Snorkel or dive in the famous Ras Mohammed Marine Park, where bright coral reefs and strange fish make up an underwater paradise. As the sun goes down on your last day, think about the fantastic trip you’ve been on and your experiences.


Egypt has a fascinating mix of old wonders, beautiful natural scenery, and friendly people. With a well-planned 10-day plan, you can go on a fantastic journey through time and dive into the marvels of this magical land. From the fantastic pyramids to the rich sea life of the Red Sea, a trip to Egypt will be full of new things to learn and see.

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