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World War Two Tank Combat-Playthrough #40 – Big Board Gaming

The models have been painted, rules and unit cards reviewed and everything is ready to go.  The scenario is #2, Tank Combat.  This is a simple scenario that will show the basics of the rules in the game.

The goal of the game is to destroy as many enemy units as possible, or failing that, to destroy units with higher point values than you lose in the course of the game.

Turn 1.  The Germans and the Soviets are looking for movement to contact.  The Soviets push the T-26s into the ravine for cover.  The only way to fight into or out of a ravine is to be adjacent.  The T-26s will benefit from making the Germans advance to the edge of the ravine, giving the Soviets full fire dice to the Germans being minus for movement.  The BT-7s are positioned to move in to the ravine or remain outside. for maneuver.  The T-34s are positioned to provide flank protection.

The German Mk IIs and Mk IVs move into the light woods.  There they will get a +1 to defense and be in a position to support the 38Ts moving towards the ravine, who currently have +1 defense in the town.

Turn 2 sees the T-34 fire on the Mk IIs.  They get 3 hits, which burns through the two defense and it takes one hit, marking off one of the three tank icons.  The 38T changed facing, the BT-7 moved up in to the ravine and the Mk IIs, passing their fortitude test and not becoming suppressed, moved next to the town.

Turn 3 and the Germans move on to the edge of the ravine as the BT-7 moves up next to the T-26s.  The T-26s are on a defend order.  The T-26s fire on the 38Ts and score 3 hits, with the 38Ts taking one more icon hit. The 38Ts pass their fortitude.  The 38Ts also fired and scored 3 hits on the T-26s.  The T-26s have armor.  They lost two out of their three armor icons.  The T-34s fired on the 38Ts and incurred one hit.

Turn 4 and both sides put the hammer to each other.  The BT-7s fired on the Mk IIs and scored 1 hit.  The Mk IIs made their fortitude test and fired on the BT-7s, scoring hits on 3s being adjacent.  They score 5 hits and the BT-7s are destroyed.  The T-26s fire on the 38Ts and score 3 hits.  With the armor value going back to full each turn, the 38Ts took one more hit, leaving one icon left.  the 38Ts fired on the T-26 and scored one hit, not getting through the armor value and 38Ts failed fortitude.  The Mk IVs moved in to the town.  The T-34s fired on the Mk IVs again, scoring two hits which didn’t get through their armor value.  The Mk IVs passed their fortitude.

Turn 5.  Moving away at the ravine would mean leaving oneself open to fire without a reply.  The T-26s fire on the 38Ts and score 3 hits, destroying them.  The Mk IIs fired on the T-26s and finished them off.  The T-34 moved closer to the Mk IVs and fired, scoring 5(?!?!) on Mk IV, burning through the 3 armor, +1 armor for the town and 1 hit on the unit.  The Mk IV failed its fortitude test.

Turn 6 and the T-34s fired on the Mk IVs with no effect.  The Mk IIs moved and fired on the T-34s with no effect.  The Mk IVs passed their fortitude test.  The game ended.  The Germans had scored 43 points of Soviet armor and the Soviets 25 of German.  German victory.

There is a very basic game of the Art of Tactic World War 2.  The game flows well once you have an idea of the orders and you know what you want to do.  For any future games, especially with a face to face opponent I will use the fine point erasable markers as they are much more readable.  Future explorations of the Art of Tactic system will use the 3rd edition rules and the other games where infantry, armor, artillery and air are used.  More to follow.



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