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The time has come to take care of your “Y Zone”

Give a warm welcome to Plant Perfection Gel Serum, our hotly anticipated new formula designed to improve the skin firmness not just on your face but also on your jaw, chin and neck area.

With this new formula, I have left my comfort zone to explore other 100% natural and sustainable methods for obtaining functional compounds. By harnessing the power of biotechnology, we can avoid potential environmental challenges such as the reproducibility and availability of certain plant extracts. At the same time, this highly anticipated formula embodies a worthy botanical alternative to retinol and vitamin C. One which has better stability and is more suitable for sensitive skin.

What is its secret?

A new biotech ingredient that works like a skin ‘architect’ by placing and arranging collagen fibres to create a supporting network that combats the negative effects gravity has on skin.

From product conception to launch there is a long and extensive search for the perfect ingredients. More often than not, I will begin a formula only to put it to one side, as I feel that I have not found the best possible active ingredients for its function. Plant Perfection Gel Serum was one of those cases. This formula has been made possible thanks to finally being able to combine four key ingredients: A new and promising active, an old acquaintance that until recently was not available without preservatives, a retinol-like plant-based ingredient and the most powerful alternative to vitamin C.

An essential product for our modern lifestyle

For many of us, loss of firmness tends to be more noticeable in our jaw, chin and neck areas (also known as the Y zone). Unfortunately, the continued use of mobile devices and other bad posture habits only aggravate the situation further. Our modern lifestyle has made caring for these areas daily increasingly essential to ensure our skin stays healthy for as long as possible.

Plant Perfection Gel Serum stimulates natural collagen production in a structured manner, improves skin firmness, has an immediate tightening effect and softens fine lines.

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