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SCI Social Media Favorite Launches Affordable Product Line

One of the web’s best sources for simple adaptive solutions, Abilitease, has launched an online store for fans to purchase the affordable products featured in its online videos. Founder Mark Fuglevand opened opens in a new windowAbilitease Adaptive in August, offering 10 of his many innovative, 3D-printed creations for home consumers. 

The products range in price from $15 for an adapter that makes it easier to plug the charging cable into your iPhone, to $50 for a drink cuff that lets you easily hold a can or bottle without any grip strength. Other products include a mess-free urinal cap for use with intermittent cathing, clothing grabbers that help with independent dressing, and even an adapter that makes it easier to twist the top of a propane bottle when it’s time to BBQ.  

Man in wheelchair sitting with one leg crossed over the other, using a green hook to pull on his sock.
Mark Fuglevand uses the Abilitease Multi Grip Clothing Grabber to pull on his sock.

Fuglevand, an incomplete C6 quad, started Abilitease based on needs he had in his daily life. He designed and printed the tools himself, and the positive feedback he received on social media led him to start offering the products to the public. He contracted the manufacturing to a company near his California home so that he can focus on design and sales.  

Abilitease products are available for shipment in the U.S., and Fuglevand has plans to start shipping internationally. “With the Abilitease Adaptive online store, my goal is to get more of these adaptive tools out to the individuals who need them all over the world,” he says. “There is a large, underserved community across the globe that wants to live a full and independent life, and they need access to these tools.” 

For more information, visit the opens in a new windowAbilitease website and to see the products in action check out the opens in a new windowInstagram channel.

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