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Top 7 Best Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders in Wisconsin (WI)

The Bernese Mountain Dog which is also commonly referred to as Berners is a wonderful canine breed that was originally bred to be a strong work dog to help out on farms. These Swiss beauties are lovable creatures with decent or kind temperaments and relatively high levels of intelligence.

They make the best companions for families as they are playful around kids and love to be included in family activities. Their beautiful coats make them decent contenders in conformation events and their decent intelligence makes them easy to train.

When it comes to popularity, the Bernese Mountain Dog hasn’t gained as much popularity as other canine breeds like the Golden Retriever or the Labrador Retriever. But this incredible, multipurpose breed is fast becoming gaining popularity in the United States and the whole world.

This is why getting a Bernese Mountain Dog in the Badger State of Wisconsin might be easy. However, you have to ensure you deal with reputable breeders only. As they care more for the general well-being of the puppy and the parent than simply trying to make a profit from selling them.

In this article, we provide a list of the best Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders in Wisconsin, be sure to read to the end, as this promises to help you on your path to finding the right family dog.

1. Northstar’s Kennel Bernese Mountain Dog

Starting up our list of good quality Bernese Mountain Dog breeders with good quality Berners we have Northstar’s Kennel Bernese Mountain Dog. As the name already states, they are breeders of fine quality Bernese Mountain Dogs and they are located in Sterling Township, Wisconsin. They produce puppies that represent the highest standards of breeding, with nice temperaments and high levels of intelligence. This makes them double as both family dogs and as show or conformation dogs.

All their sires and dams are of the highest breeding standards. They are each AKC registered and each well trained. They are cared for so much and are only selected based on their breeding lineage and health. They are focused on the structure of the puppies by ensuring each sire and dam is totally tested and genetically sound. Their goal as breeders is to produce gorgeous dogs that are intelligent, sound, and decent. Each Sire and Dam are OFA certified and also CERF certified for having functioning hips, elbows, eyes, and hearts.

Every Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is raised indoors, which is a clean, well-structured building with lots of space for the puppies to run and play. They are allowed to run wild and have all the fun that makes them puppies. They are each fed with high-quality kibble and are placed on supplements. Socialization is a priority for Northstar’s Kennels, they introduce their pups to a list of socialization protocols like Avidog and Early Neurological Stimulation. They are allowed to interact with people and animals and are introduced to various sights, sounds, and sights.

All Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies come with a written health guarantee. They are fully examined by a licensed vet, have their dew claws clipped and each comes with their deworming and vaccination records updated.

Northstar’s Kennel Bernese Mountain Dog Contact Details

2. Bugziere Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bugziere Bernese Mountain Dogs

The next breeder on our list is Bugzuere Bernese Mountain Dogs. This is a well-known breeder located in Oshkosh Wisconsin, It is owned and run by Sue Wellenstein. This breeder has over 30 years of breeding experience founded by nothing but pure love for the Bernese Mountain Dog breed. They are focused on producing excellent Berners that possess sound temperament, health, and intelligence growing up to become well-rounded adult dogs that make excellent family companions as well as work and service dogs.

All their Bernese mountain dog puppies are raised in the family home. Here, they are provided with all the love and attention they require to grow happy and strong. They are provided with the best dog food and are given high-quality supplements to help boost their immune systems and make them the pinnacle of health. The puppies are properly socialized as they are allowed to interact with people (both friends and family) of different age groups. They are also well exposed to various textures, sights, and sounds.

Their breeding program has seen a lot of changes over the past 30 years, with them having multiple sires and dams with high intelligence and decent temperaments. They each come from breeding lines that are well decorated with impressive pedigrees. They have their hips, elbows, and hearts certified by a licensed vet and they each undergo a yearly eye exam and treatment to ensure they are in working conditions.

Every puppy comes with a 1-year health guarantee. This frees them from genetic health issues that can come up in the future. Their overall health is checked by a licensed vet and they each come with deworming and health records fully updated.

Bugziere Bernese Mountain Dog Contact Details

3. Lakebreeze Palisades

The next breeder on our list is Lakebreeze Palisades. They are a highly reputable breeder that is focused on producing high-quality Bernese Mountain Dogs and Bernedoodles for numerous families residing in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and the entire United States. All their puppies are AKC registered and are bred to the highest breeding standards possible. Each of them grows up to become a well-rounded dog with decent character sets, intelligence, and overall impressive health.

They maintain a stable breeding program with just one dam. However, they are properly planned to ensure the dam is well rested before the next breeding section. Because of this, they only produce a few litters a year. Regardless, their sires and dam are AKC registered, each having their eyes checked out by the Canine Eye Registration Foundation alongside their hips, elbows and hearts being certified and examined by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. All these are required to ensure the litters being produced are healthy.

Socialization is quite important to Lakebreeze Palisades. This is why the puppies are not raised in a kennel or in paddocks. They are raised in the family house. This gives them ample opportunities to be exposed to various sights, sounds, and textures. They are allowed to interact with people of various age classes and even various pets and animals. They have a large yard which allows for the puppies to run and play to their heart’s content.

All puppies from Lakebreeze Palisades come with a written health guarantee against dysplasia and any eye defects. They are well vaccinated and dewormed with updated records to show it. They also have their dew claws clipped and are fully health checked by a reputable vet.

Lakebreeze Palisades Contact Details

4. Copperstone Farm

Copperstone Farm is the 4th breeder on our list of Bernese Mountain Dog breeders residing in Wisconsin. They are widely known in Wisconsin for their beautiful, well-trained puppies which include Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, and of course, Bernese Mountain Dogs. Their puppies are raised according to the high standard set by the American Kennel Club and they are bred to be the perfect family companion, show dogs, and service or therapy dogs.

They maintain a strict breeding program that involves quality AKC registered sires and dams that are temperature and health tested to be sure they are clean and free from genetic health issues common to the litter. The sires and dams each come from impressive bloodlines filed with numerous AKC titles and equally impressive pedigrees to back it up. They have their OFA certifications, for having decent and good functioning hips, elbows and hearts. Their eyes are also CERF certified through a yearly eye examination they undergo.

Each puppy raised by Copperstone Farm is a member of the family as they are raised in the family house, they get to run around with the kids and generally have a good time around the house. They are loved and showered with care and attention up until they leave for their forever homes. They are fed with high-quality food and placed on NuVet supplements to help boost their immune system. Socialization protocols like Early Scent Introduction and Early Neurological Stimulation are employed and each puppy is introduced to various people, animals, sounds, sights, and textures.

Every puppy from Copperstone farm comes with a written health guarantee. They are examined by a licensed vet, have their dew claws clipped, have their vaccination and dewormings updated, and are introduced to basic crate and potty training.

Copperstone Farm Contact Details

5. Lonesome Pines

Lonesome Pines have created the perfect haven for the Bernese Mountain Dog breeds to grow and practically have fun while learning. They are the 5th breeder on our list of the most responsive Bernese Mountain Dog breeders residing in Wisconsin. This beautiful breeding facility is located in Soldiers grove, and they are committed to helping you find the perfect family friend for you. Lonesome Pines is run by Angie wee and has been operational for over 5 years.

Angie wee raises the puppies together with her team on a very large 160-acre property with plenty of woods and pastures for the puppies to run around and feel truly free. They are equipped with temperature-regulated sleeping areas to ensure the Berners are well rested and comfortable. They get to interact with various textures, sights, and sounds and are exposed to people of varying age groups to help get them comfortable in new or strange places and with new or strange faces.

Each of the Bernese Mountain Dog Sire and Dam is selected and researched to be sure they are free from any genetic health defects that could be common to the litter. They undergo temperament testing to help with the matching process to new owners. The sires and dams were chosen to help improve the upcoming littler through sound health and improved intelligence alongside a decent character set. They also have their eyes, hips, elbows, and hearts certified by licensed professionals.

All puppies from Lonesome Pines come with a 1-year health guarantee. They are AKC registered and sold as family pets only. They are introduced to basic potty and crate training and are vaccinated and dewormed with their dew claws clipped.

Lonesome Pines Contact Details

6. Driftless Bernese

The next breeder on our list is Driftless Bernese. With over 20 years, Driftless Bernese is a top breeder that is keen on producing high-quality Bernese Mountain Dogs that excel as family dogs and also perform and excel as Show dogs for various Conformation Events. Their history with the Bernese Mountain Dog breed goes as far back as 1998 when they first fell in love with the breed. This love is what drives and fuels their breeding program.

They operate a flexible or robust breeding program that involves working with other breeders in and outside the state of Wisconsin. These breeding sires and dams chosen are selected based on their breeding line and overall health. They are very intelligent dogs with impressive pedigrees. They undergo genetic health testing to prepare them for any defects that might come up along the way. They also have their OFA and CERF certifications for good functioning hearts, elbows, hips, and eyes.

All the puppies from Driftless Bernese are raised in a clean and safe environment that provides them with enough space to play and train. They are exposed to basic potty and crate training and are given the best of foods and supplements to help promote proper stable growth. All their Berners are well brought up and socialized with each other as well as with textures, sounds, and sights. They also enjoy regular interaction with people of varying age groups.

Driftless Bernese Contact Details

7. Winterfell Bernese Mountain Dogs

The last breeder on our list of the most reputable Bernese Mountain Dog breeders located in Wisconsin is Winterfell Bernese Mountain Dogs. Although they are located in Rockford, Illinois, the breeding facility is situated right next to the Southern border of Wisconsin and they offer many deliveries to numerous locations within Wisconsin. They are a top-notch breeder with many AKC registered champions under their program. They breed family companions that also double as show and therapy dogs.

The puppies are considered family members which is why they are raised in the family home and are a part of their social lives. They are taken everywhere, swimming, concerts even hunting, and are allowed to be a part of each experience all to ensure they are well socialized. Amidst all these, they get to play and interact with various individuals and pets and are exposed to various training protocols to help them better adjust to new situations and environments.

They have been able to grow a strong breeding line filled with numerous American and European bloodlines that are well behaved, with decent temperament, impressive intelligence, and equally impressive pedigrees. They were selected based on their health breed line which is further tested through genetic testing. They are well-loved and cared for and each possesses the needed certifications for having decent hips, elbows, eyes, and hearts.

All puppies from Winterfell Bernese Mountain Dogs are examined by a licensed and reputable vet. They each come with health guarantees and are each updated on their vaccination and deworming records.

Winterfell Bernese Mountain Dogs Contact Details

Final Thoughts

Wisconsin has its fair share of reputable Bernese Mountain Dog breeders. However, my pick from the list above goes to Copperstone Farm. Michele Nelson has been able to achieve a lot over the years and it is clear in their breeding program.

Their excellent level of research and careful selection shows in the fine quality of the Sires and dams that make up their breeding line. With efficient and adequate genetic health testing you are guaranteed to have a healthy puppy.

The puppies are also properly socialized, undergoing numerous socialization protocols like Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction. All in all, they have a superb program with superb puppies you can pick from.

With that being said, we highly recommend that you carry out sufficient personal research on each breeder you chose to work with. Ask the right questions and demand the right certifications before choosing to adopt any puppy.

That’s all we have for you in this article. Check out the website for more engaging content as you definitely would learn something new.

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