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An Evening Stroll Along The Meramec River

My GBGV Life An Evening Stroll Along The Meramec RiverThe Meramec River is just across the highway from the Drury Inn where we stayed while in St. Louis for the dog show at Purina Farms. Saturday night we were tired by still wanted to get some exercise before retiring to our hotel room for the night.

Mom had looked at the area we were staying online and found what seemed to be a nice trail along this river. It is just over a mile from our hotel, and the front desk told us it was a safe place to walk.

We had dinner, rested a bit and then headed out just as the sun started to set. The light was very pretty as we walked along.

My GBGV Life on the trailSurprisingly, we found quite a few people out walking and biking on a Saturday night. It is a pretty and peaceful place to walk.

There is a tower not far from the parking lot with some quotes on it. We like them as they are true for us since we love to walk and run.

As we came around a corner to some ball fields, we saw four deer. They stopped to look at us. We looked at them. Mom took photos of them. They are pretty tame and Mom is happy we didn’t bark or howl at them.

My GBGV Life An Evening Stroll Along The Meramec RiverThe Meramec River is very calm and there is also a place for people to go down to the river’s edge to go fishing. We didn’t go down there because Nelson needed to stay clean. Looking at the river from up on the high bank is all we could do.

My GBGV Life bed wrestlingMeanwhile, back at the hotel, Nelson and I did some bed wrestling. Mom came around the corner and caught us. Somehow she always knows when we are getting our wild pants on!

My GBGV Life Nelson in the chairWe sleep mostly on the bed, but Saturday night the chair in the corner was quite popular. Nelson is looking cute as he sits in the chair.

My GBGV Life sleeping in the chairI fell asleep in the chair with my ear on the armrest. We love Drury Inns for so many reasons and it is always fun when we travel somewhere we can stay in them.

We are joining our friends at Living Laughing and Barking in Our Backyard is for their Nature Friday blog hop.

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