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A Guide to Waterproof Coats for Whippets

With summer days fast becoming a memory, it’s time to prepare for less clement days. Hence if you don’t yet have protection for your four-legged friend, it’s time to start researching waterproof coats for Whippets.

Living in the UK I know only too well what it means to get wet and so does my dog Misty! The summer seems to end very suddenly over here. In fact, when September comes around, so too inevitably do the clouds… and the rain.

I’ve shared many years of bad weather with Misty. The benefit of this is that we’ve tried many different combinations of wet weather gear. 

So in this post, I’m going to outline a guide to waterproof coats for Whippets. I’ll be touching upon the following:

Table of Contents
  • A Guide to Buying Waterproof Coats for Whippets
  • How to Measure Your Whippet for a Waterproof Coat
  • A Selection of Waterproof Coats for Whippets
  • Summary
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A Guide to Buying Waterproof Coats for Whippets

Waterproof Coats for Whippets

It can be tempting to buy your Whippet medium-sized dog coat, but since Whippets have a very specific shape this can mean you buy something that won’t fit properly.

Like most Sighthounds and Longdogs, Whippets have a specific body shape that can make buying medium-dog clothing problematic.

The athletic shape of deep chest with a pinched waist, along with a lack of body fat and short coat mean that in most cases Whippets really need clothing that’s designed specifically for them.

This is as true for waterproof coats as it is for anything else, especially if the coat in question covers a Whippet’s entire body.

What does this mean? If you’re looking for a waterproof coat for your Whippet, this means that you need:

  1. A coat made specifically for Whippets.
  2. To measure your Whippet to get a coat that fits it perfectly.

Whippets are medium-sized dogs but sizes can vary. If you’re going to buy a waterproof coat for your Whippet, you should measure it correctly to get the best fit possible.

How to Measure Whippets for a Waterproof Coat

To choose the correct size of waterproof coat for Whippets you should measure the neck, chest and back.


So the coat sits comfortably on your Whippet’s throat area, you’ll need to find out the circumference of the neck.

You do this by measuring from the shoulders to the top of the chest and then all the way around the neck. Hold the measure close but ensure you can slide two fingers between the measure and the neck.


This is an important measurement for any item of clothing for Whippets because of the deep chest. It’s also the largest measurement to take for the same reason.

Take the end of your measure from the rib cage, just behind the front legs, and measure all the way around the chest back to the starting point. Make sure you do this when your Whippet is in a standing position rather than when it’s lying down.

As with the neck, hold the measure close to the body, but make sure you can slide two fingers between the measure and the body.


This measurement determines the length of the coat, to ensure it’s back is covered correctly. If the measurement is wrong your Whippet will get wet, even if the coat is waterproof.

While your Whippet is standing, take the measurement from the bottom of the neck where the collar usually sits and run it along to where the tail meets the body.

If your Whippet is male and you’re buying a waterproof coat that goes right around and underneath its tummy, you should look for a coat that clears the groin so it doesn’t pee on it!

A General Note on Fit

If you take the neck, chest and back measurements and discover your Whippet is between sizes for the waterproof coat you like the look, always opt for the larger rather than the smaller size. The smaller size will simply be too tight and not fit correctly.

Of course it would be better to opt for a perfect fitting every time, but sometimes the design you like might not be perfectly fitting. If that’s the case, don’t choose a coat that’s too small.

A Selection of Waterproof Coats for Whippets

I’m going to start with the waterproof coat I chose for my Whippet, because it’s the best coat I’ve had. After that I’ll provide examples of similar coats that may work for your Whippet.

Blizzard Waterproof Coats for Whippets

Whippet Clothing
Misty in Her Blizzard Waterproof Whippet Coat

We’ve had our Blizzard waterproof Whippet Coat for over 5 years and we’ve absolutely loved it… and so has Misty!

The waterproof Whippet Blizzard coat comes in a classic design, is stylish and available in several sizes that will comfortably fit most Whippets.

With an outer layer made from waterproof P.U. coated nylon to keep the wet stuff out, it has a warm layer of fleece as an inner lining.

It also has a collar you can fold back or leave down to cover the lower area of your Whippet’s neck to keep it dry.

The coat doesn’t fully cover the body like a jumpsuit, but rather sits on your Whippet’s back and wraps around the flanks. It’s held in place by a fully adjustable velcro “hook and loop” girth band.

Blizzard’s waterproof Whippet coat is fully washable and easy to care for and we’ve been really happy with it. 

We often combine it with a fleecy Whippet sweater during the winter months. The fleecy sweater keeps Misty warm and the Blizzard waterproof coat prevents her getting a soaking.

Highly recommended!

Other Waterproof Coats for Whippets

The following waterproof coats are available to buy on Etsy. These are not coast I have owned so I’m can’t comment on how good they are. They’re just coats I liked the look of and they seem to have very good reviews on Etsy.

Chester Whippet Coat by Redhound for Dogs

Chester Whippet Coat by Redhound for Dogs

A waterproof coat for Whippets with a jumper underneath. This handmade coat by Redhound for Dogs has 358 reviews and appears to be a real crowd pleaser!

Available in green, grey, navy, taupe and yellow.

Cardiff Whippet Coat by Redhound for Dogs

Another classy coat by Redhound for Dogs.

More of a Macintosh than a coat, this handmade waterproof has 357 reviews on Etsy and comes in black, green, navy taupe and yellow.

Cardiff Whip-it-Away Whippet Coat by Redhound for Dogs

Whippet Raincoat by GLdesigndogs

Whippet Raincoat by GLdesigndogs

With 572 reviews this waterproof is a shell rather than a coat with fleecy lining. As a raincoat that’s easy to transport, this could be useful for layering

Available in beige, black, blue, grey, pink and red.

kiwidogs Waterproof Coats for Whippets

A windproof and waterproof coat for Whippets, this handsome design has 653 reviews on Etsy!

Available in a range of colours… far too many to mention here!

kiwidogs Waterproof Whippet Coat

SkinnyAngels Whippet Coat

SkinnyAngels Whippet Coats

This coat design with geometric patterns has 565 reviews on Etsy. It’s waterproof and has a fleece lining.

This particular coat doesn’t come in multiple colours… the design is just fancy enough!

Whippet Jacket by Thewhippetcoats

This quilted coat is the most popular one in this list with 2,467 reviews on Etsy!

It comes in a huge range of colours but has a gorgeous tartan collar!

Jacket by Thewhippetcoats


When choosing waterproof coats for Whippets, or any clothing for that matter, the most important thing to think about is comfort. If your Whippet isn’t comfortable, it won’t want to wear whatever it is you’ve bought.

The best way to mitigate such problems is by measuring correctly: your Whippet coat should fit closely, but remember the “two finger” rule I referenced above.

I hope you’ve found this a useful guide to waterproof Whippet coats and would love to hear your recommendations. Please leave a comment or ask a question at the bottom of this page in the comment section.

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