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Quickie Wunda Workout – 6 Exercises in 15 Minutes

Well, no surprises here but I’m in love all over again with the Wunda Chair.

There are plenty of apparatuses around the studio on which to lavish your attention.

It’s really one-obsession-after-another around here.

Last week I had perhaps THE best Cadillac workout of my life! I left the apparatus feeling amazing, virtuous and accomplished.

My body felt fantastic and I was so content to rest on my laurels, for forever really.

That’s it.

I’ve reached the pinnacle of my Pilates practice and I’ve arrived at the finish line.

Said no Pilates practitioner ever.

Enter the Wunda

Down the Mountain on the Wunda Chair

This week it’s only fitting to kick my laurels firmly in the pants and leap onto the Wunda Chair.

You’ve all been super supportive of the Wunda Chair workouts on my YouTube channel so this one’s a little quickie gift for you with only a few (excruciating) exercises.

What fun!

As with all your exercises in the Pilates System, this workout can be adapted to wherever you are currently in your Pilates practice.

If some exercises are new to you, there are of course alternate places in the studio you could work them to ready them for the Wunda over time.

Likewise if you’re at home on the Wunda I’ve provided some transitions to up the challenge and increase stamina for – you guessed it – more Wunda Chair exercises to come!

6 exercises in 15 minutes

Footwork on the Wunda Chair

This short workout is based on an order of the Wunda Chair exercises I learned from Sari Mejia Santo, Romana Kryzanowska’s daughter.

This was her preferred order of exercises if you were to do a full hour workout on the Chair.

And it’s a good one.

Many people, clients especially, may never do an entire workout on the Chair. Often the Chair exercises are used to build skills – assist or challenge a particular issue in your body.

That being said, the Chair is a smaller apparatus and no exercise is easy here. There is really no lying down without most of you hanging out in space, for example. And any exercise that requires you to close the springs, asks you to literally defy gravity.

So there’s that.

If you’re skeptical about imposing yet another order of exercises onto your Pilates workout – now here at the Wunda – I’ve got just one word for you:


That’s what it takes to follow someone else’s “suggestion” about what to do when.

I’m gonna say it again.



3-in-1 Wunda

Ok, here are the exercises-du-jour and the variations I have included in this Quickie Wunda Workout:

  • Footwork
  • Push Down: One Arm Push Down
  • Swan: Swan Dive, Grasshopper
  • One Arm Swan
  • Teaser: Teaser 1,2,3, Hip Circle Teaser Transition
  • Mermaid Seated


1. Just the “basics”

Mermaid Seated on the Wunda Chair

Here’s an option if you’re short on time or new to the Wunda Chair exercises:

  • Footwork
  • Add the Hundred if you like
  • Push down
  • Swan
  • Teaser 1
  • Mermaid Seated

This line-up probably won’t take more than 5 minutes and it will leave you feeling refreshed and virtuous!


2. More Stomach, please

Teaser 3 on the Wunda Chair

Add these 2 warmup elements before you do your Footwork and you’ll be warm and ready for anything.

  • Footwork
  • Push Down
  • One Arm Push Down
  • Swan
  • One Arm Swan
  • Teaser 1
  • Teaser 2
  • Mermaid Seated

Finish off this Mat-themed Wunda with a brief field trip to the Mat for a few old faves: Rolling Like a Ball, Open Leg Rocker and Seal.


3. I want it all!!!

Grasshopper on the Wunda Chair

Use the workout in my latest YouTube video.

You’ll work all the exercises in sequence and see how you do.

I take a little break in the middle of all the Swans as I build my stamina in these extension exercises. I also make a few spring changes that will become more efficient over time.

  • Footwork
  • Push Down
  • Push Down One Arm
  • Swan
  • One Arm Swan
  • Swan Dive
  • Grasshopper
  • Teaser 1
  • Hip Circle transition
  • Teaser 2
  • Hip Circle transition
  • Teaser 3
  • Mermaid Seated


Thank you so much for watching and have a great workout!

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