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Papaya and Rum Sorbet – Allergy Mums

Papaya and Rum Sorbet

Sorbet is pretty simple to make – it’s a sugar syrup with whatever flavourings you like.  This time we pureed some Papaya and added in some Rum!  It was too hot for our ice cream maker (!) so we popped it in the freezer and churned it by hand (large wooden spoon, do a folding motion rather than a stir).  It worked out really nicely, and we froze some into lollies as well.  

Papaya and Rum Sorbet Allergy Mums

You can omit the Rum if you like, we tend to go for boozy sorbets!

If you love chocolate – you could try our Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream instead.

Papaya and Rum Sorbet Allergy Mums

Vegan Papaya and Rum Sorbet

A wonderful summer sorbet


  • 1 cup Water
  • 3/4 cup Brown Sugar
  • 3 Pureed Papaya’s
  • 3 tbsp Rum


  • Heat the water and sugar until the sugar dissolves

  • Puree your Papaya, and add to the sugar syrup along with the Rum

  • Allow to cool, and then either pop in the freezer and churn by hand every half hour for 2 hours, or use your ice cream machine

  • We also made Lolli’s with this!


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