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What Government Initiatives Support eCommerce Startups in India and How to Start One?

What are the current government programs and initiatives for eCommerce startups in India?

The Indian government envisions establishing a $99-billion industry by the end of 2024. The same report states that by 2025, 220 million online buyers will be leveraging digital stores as a medium to purchase. Industry experts and government officials believe ecommerce to be the next big thing to play a pivotal role in boosting the country’s economy. With so much potential, the government isn’t leaving any stone unturned to motivate and inspire aspiring e-retailers. Let’s have a look at some of these programs and learn how they can help you grow your ecommerce venture.

#1. Startup India

The Startup India initiative is designed for any small/medium business as a startup. Once registered, you get access to easier compliances, IPR fast-tracking, and tax benefits. Besides these, the program gives access to a vast incubator network, women entrepreneurship, and government procurement.

Female entrepreneurs have done exceptionally well with such a dedicated plan. The government, under this program, pays a nominal salary to women entrepreneurs. The average monthly allowance paid to date is Rs. 20,000/month. The amount varies due to different reasons and is paid for 1 year. The aim is to motivate and help female entrepreneurs with some stability until they grow their businesses.

And you can leverage this government scheme and can easily get started with your own eCommerce website. All you need to do is choose Builderfly. The platform is designed to help aspiring online entrepreneurs start their own businesses and further you may enroll under the Startup India initiative. Some of the successful examples of this program include Udaan, Boat, etc. Each of these startups made a humble beginning and further got benefited by enrolling themselves in the initiative.

#2. Digital India

The Digital India program is designed to help medium and small businesses strengthen their online presence. It includes initiatives like, Jeevan Pramaan, BHIM, Mobile Seva, etc. Digilocker is also one fine example of this! You too can become a part of and learn more about this campaign by going to their official website.

By taking the first step toward Digital India with Builderfly, you can become part of the Digital India Campaign. Start your online store and digitize your business. It has numerous tools that can help you not just create a digital presence for your business, but also boost sales and enhance profits. And the best part is, you can do it without any technical knowledge.

Since the introduction of this program, numerous small and medium businesses have relished the numerous benefits listed under it. Builderfly can help you take the much-needed first step at zero investment and lure the growth benefits of the Digital India Campaign.

#3. Vocal for Local

The campaign is designed to motivate people to buy from local sellers. This has eventually helped especially small business owners. Instead of selling through their physical store alone and staying confined to the locality, these businesses can now sell to the entire city and across the country.

The campaign aligned with Digital India has helped numerous businesses to increase their sales by creating an online presence. While on one side the regular shop owners created their online store to increase sales, various independent sellers and enthusiasts too jumped in the pool to make some money.

Numerous platforms noticed a commendable hike in the number of sellers. Builderfly was one among them. Especially in the last year, it experienced an impeccable rise in the number of sellers. The list includes startups, independent sellers, enthusiasts, and professionals. Each of them has created its brand under the Builderfly tool. It allows you to create your online store with no technical knowledge and boost your sales through digital platforms.

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