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Top 10 Places to Take Photos in Sedona

Sedona Photo Spots

It’s time to talk about the Southwest… in particular, places to take photos in Sedona, Arizona! The scenery in Sedona is like nowhere else— red rock country is unique to say the least, and the panoramic views offered in this part of Arizona will leave your jaw on the (dirt) floor. 🏜

Sedona is known for its stunning views, for being a mecca of rejuvenation and relaxation, for its connection to the earth and spirituality, and for its many incredible outdoor adventures. ❣️ While we’re not going to talk a lot about hiking, we do want to mention our favourite hike: Devil’s Bridge. Arguably the most popular hike in Sedona, it’s absolutely worth doing since it’s a fairly easy hike for most skill levels, but we do recommend waking up extra early for a sunrise hike to beat the crowds and heat. Trust us— it gets packed (and really hot)! ☀️

Now back to what we know best: talking about travel and really, really great photo ops! 📷 When you visit Sedona, we can’t recommend hiring a Flytographer enough; our team of photographers around the world includes some really talented folks here in Sedona who know a thing or two about the best places to take photos in these red rocks and just what their surrounding landscapes have to offer.

Now, here are 10 of our favourite photography locations in and around Sedona!

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