Fujifilm has confirmed its next X Summit event will take place in New York City on September 8, 2022. Fujifilm hasn’t shared any details about what all we can expect from the event, but we do know we’ll be getting our first glimpse of Fujifilm’s X-H2 camera.

After announcing its new X-H2S mirrorless camera at its X Summit event back in May 2022, Fujifilm teased the X-Trans CMOS 5HR, a 40MP CMOS sensor it said would be used inside the company’s forthcoming X-H2 camera system. Fujifilm didn’t further elaborate on what else we could expect from the sensor and the X-H2 it will be inside, but the tagline for the X-Trans CMOS 5HR is ‘40MP, beyond the format boundaries.’ Compared to the ‘stacked layer, ultra fast motion capture’ tagline used for the X-Trans CMOST 5HS sensor used inside the X-H2S, it’s clear the 5HR – and the X-H2 as a whole – will likely focus on resolution and image quality above all else.

It’s unclear if any further announcements will be made beyond Fujifilm’s new X-Trans CMOS 5HR sensor and X-H2 camera, but considering Fujifilm’s current lens roadmap shows its new XF 56mm F1.2 and XF 30mm F2.8 Macro lens still due for 2022 launches, it’s likely we’ll see some additional details about these optics.

Whatever the case is, we’ll be here providing the latest updates as they’re announced. In the meantime, mark your calendar for 6pm UTC for September 8, 2022.