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Let’s be honest, I know that food allergy travel for families doesn’t usually include trips to international destinations.  Usually, food allergy travel for families is camping, traveling to the lake, or going to Disney.  That said, I believe that a big part of life is experiencing other cultures and languages. This is why our family, LOVES to experience international locations.  In fact, my hubby and I intentionally decided to prioritize international travel for our family when our kids were quite young. 

But STICK WITH ME HERE because what I want you to know is that, even if you’re not planning to travel internationally with food allergies as a family anytime soon, what you learn from our experiences in France or other countries will help you travel ANYWHERE.  You can take these ideas and apply them so you know how to travel with a severe food allergy on a camping trip, road trip or going to Disney.

Did you know?

I have lots of blogs about travel to other locations (including Disney World) and even how to travel on a plane with food allergies.  So I recommend you check out my other travel blogs too.  Just go to the right of this blog and click “Travel”.

Ok, so let’s get into this…

How do you travel with a severe food allergy?

If you’re asking, how do you travel with a severe food allergy?  Here’s my answer; quite simply, you need to plan.  A lot. Here are a few ways that we planned and prepped for our trip.

First, we did some research on restaurants in Paris and France.  

I looked for blogs and Facebook groups where I could see what other people’s experiences were with different restaurants in Paris.  There were a few challenges with this though. 

First, we found that many of the blogs and posts were outdated, especially since not a lot of travel happened during COVID and our trip was the beginning of July, 2022.  Also, Paris is a HUGE city with restaurants EVERYWHERE.  It was hard to find good food allergy reviews of the restaurants in exactly the area we were staying in, without having to travel far to get there (we didn’t have a car and didn’t want to spend our whole time taking transit or Ubers).  Lastly, the research was also made more difficult due to the language barrier

That said, we didn’t let the lack of information stop us.  Instead, we focused on other ways to eat allergy-safe while we were in Paris.  

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