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Dr Happy | 10 Everyday Things You Can Do To Counteract The Belief That You Don’t Deserve Good Things

10 Everyday Things You Can Do To Counteract The Belief That You Don’t Deserve Good Things

This is something I’ve personally struggled with … forever!

A set of beliefs that lead me to not feeling worthy, of good things or even good outcomes for which I’ve worked.

And I know I’m not alone; which is why I’m sharing this article which I hope will help others as I found it helpful …

via Your Tango by Rene Schooler

I look into my partner’s eyes and all I can see is disappointment. Sadness, even pity.

I feel like all he sees in me is a broken woman. Beaten down, lost, and full of fear and anxiety.

He fell in love with a powerhouse, a woman with a purpose in life, turned on and excited, full of expression and strength. A woman who had done her work and overcome many challenges from the outside world and her own internal states.

I didn’t believe I deserved something so good 

These are the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The inner negativity that affects your outer world

I replay everything from the days and weeks before and all I can see is my lack and failure

How I let others down and consistently got it wrong. My health is crashing, my body hurts everywhere. I am exhausted and full of stress.

I feel empty in some strange way and all I desire to do is detach from this world and myself, to numb out however I can. The negativity of my internal world radiates off of me creating toxicity in all of my life and relationships and most certainly is not helping with my money mindset or work.

But why? Why am I here? What created this state of being and why am I allowing or choosing to take up residence in this nastiness that does nothing for me but bring me nightmares and steal everything that I have worked so hard to create?

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