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How to Choose Which Law Entrance Exams to Take?

The round of entrance exams for the academic year 2022-23 have just ended, and applications for the next year will begin soon. There are numerous law entrance exams in India, and tracking all of them before choosing the correct ones can be a tedious process. Assuming that you have selected law as your future career, here’s how you can select the right exam to take!

1. Confirm your course

There are numerous universities offering numerous admission exams. Not all of them will have the course you prefer in their LLB programmes. Choose between B.A LL.B, B.BA LL.B, B.Sc LL.B and the plethora of other LL.B courses available.

Check the colleges that offer the course you would prefer. For example, Symbiosis Law School offers both BA and BBA LLB, giving candidates the option to choose either or both, at the time of application.

2. Select colleges

All entrance exams are for admission into a certain college. CLAT offers admission into the National Law Universities, AILET into NLU Delhi, SLAT into Symbiosis, and LSAT into Jindal Global Law School and numerous others.

Here are some relevant questions you should ask yourself: 
i. Do you prefer government colleges or private ones?
ii. Is there a particular city you’re partial to?
iii. A fee structure you’re not comfortable with?

Our recommendation would be to have reliable backups when applying for such entrance exams. Never apply for just one exam, have something to fall back on.

3. Check the pattern

Not all law entrances follow the same pattern. For example, CLAT and LSAT are very different from each other, although they also have certain similarities. Find out if you’re comfortable with the pattern, and if you require further practice in certain areas.

4. Analyse past patterns of results

Check what the cut-off marks are, how students have performed in the past. Take a mock of that exam, and analyse your performance. See if there is scope for improvement. Prioritise exams with a good number of seats and options.

Ask around, find out which exams are the best option for you, get your documents ready, research.

All the best!

To check out practice material for law entrance exams, click here. 

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