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Get £10 off an Odd Box Veg and fruit box

I’ve been loving my Odd Box veggie box; I get a mixed fruit and vegetable box every two weeks and it’s really affordable at just £14.

Why did I choose Odd Box?

There are loads of fruit and veggie boxes here in the UK and I’m sure they’re all great. However I wanted to find seasonal, local (where possible) produce and a company that cared about the planet. Odd Box stood out because they get hold of all the wonky fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste. It’s either too big, too small, too much of it or just a bit odd looking! It all still tastes amazing so I’d highly recommend them. I also got a discount on my first box when my Mum recommended the box to me and you can do the same. Except this time you’ll get £10 off if you tell them Ruth Holroyd sent you!

What was in this week’s Odd Box?

I’ve been away for the whole of July with work and holidays so this week’s box was a well awaited treat. You get an email telling you what’s coming but I often prefer to leave it as a surprise. However if you need to go shopping or are entertaining, you can check what your box will include to make sure you have what you need that week; I do shop for other stuff as and when I need to.

For instance I like to have a bit more raw greens, salad stuff etc so I get that from my local greengrocers and Coop store.

This week my box contained:

  • Small potatoes – you know the sort you need to wash! My favourite
  • Red Lettuce leaves
  • Aubergine
  • 3 x peaches
  • 5 x nectarines
  • Loads of little British apples
  • A really curly cucumber
  • 7 x small white onions

They often get in loads of other stuff that the farmers just have too much of, so this week I chose a few extras: Cherries and Passion Fruit.

I also got a free gift this week which was a can of natural fruit juice!

Keep an eye on their emails because you do sometimes get offered a free gift that you need to log on and request. I’ve had free dates before and also lemons!

Diversity is good for your gut

I love that Odd Box send me different stuff each time, so my gut is experiencing a diverse range of different fruits and vegetables. We all tend to get stuck in our ways, buying the same foods each time out of habit and what we know how to cook.

I recently did a Gut Health check with Chuckling Goat which provided a free half hour session which was so helpful. I’ll share what I leant from that in a future blog, but one of the key lessons for me is that my gut needs more diversity. I’ve set myself a challenge to try to buy something new, or a fruit or vegetable I don’t normally eat, each each time I shop.

Also it’s good to try to eat 20-30 different living plant and whole grain foods each week, not including animal products. I’ve been trying to do this in one day which is a real challenge, but the more variety the better.

How does Odd Box work?

It’s so easy to get started.

  • Easily sign up and choose your deal – You sign up, create a log in and then you choose the type of box and frequency you would prefer. You have weekly, fortnightly or monthly. I have opted for fortnightly at the moment but am thinking of getting the next size box up.
  • Skip – You can skip deliveries if you’re away or won’t need one when you’re out a lot.
  • Exclude – You can specify up to three things you never want to get so I’ve chosen all nuts, tomatoes and celery as I’m allergic to nuts and both those veggies affect my skin badly.
  • Add-ons – You can add on extra things you might need that week and choose from what’s available and they have too much of.
  • Return and recycle your box – I leave out the last box each week and they take it back and reuse them.
  • Reduce packaging – They use hardly any packaging so you won’t get plastic bags, only paper bags when necessary but most of the fruit and veg is loose in the box!

Get your first Odd Box for £10 off

Here’s the deal. As a regular customer, I refer you and I get £10 off my next box and you get £10 of your first box! You can then refer your friends to get further discounts. Click on the button below to sign up and try out Odd Box. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Eat the rainbow challenge

This September I’ll be taking the Eat the Rainbow challenge. Can you eat 20+ different fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods in one week? Can you do this in a day? The more diversity and more different coloured foods you can consume the better for your gut.

You can print of my handy little #eattherainbow chart and mark down what different coloured foods you’ve eaten. How quickly can you fill in the chart? Click below the download and please let me know how you got on!

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