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Donation Receipts Must Include New CRA Web Address

Effective March 31, 2019, all charities must update their tax receipts to include CRA’s new website address. Previously, tax receipts were required to show ‘Canada Revenue Agency’. After March 31, 2019, all charity tax receipts must now show:

‘Canada Revenue Agency’.


After December 31st, you will be receipting calendar 2018 donations for release to the individuals. After this process is complete, you can adopt the new website address into your receipt template and then start issuing 2019 receipts with the updated wording immediately – there does not appear to be any issue with early adoption. With that in mind, you could update the tax receipts now for 2018 release although you are not required to and that may cause more work during a busy time of year.

If you have manual tax receipting, you may want to investigate moving to a computer template or you may have to re-print your manual receipts, depending on the information held within.


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