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Marcio Cabral – 360Cities Blog

Marcio is a landscape photographer based in Brasília, Brazil. Throughout his career, he has earned a well-deserved reputation for his award-winning work, which has been published in several travel and tourism magazines, as well as in books and website guides to Brazil. He also creates unique panoramas and was the first Brazilian to produce an underwater spherical panorama. Marcio holds a Guinness World Record for producing the largest underwater panorama in 2017, 495 megapixels. Over the past eight years, Marcio has been classified among the top 10 in the pano awards ranking, the world’s largest panorama competition, and was already in second place in 2020.

Today, Marcio is dedicated to producing images for fine art and spherical panoramas. He also conducts workshops and photographic expeditions within Brazil and neighboring countries. Visit Marcio’s profile and admire the 360º work of one of the best panographers in the world.

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