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Chris Linder Receives Trailblazer Award – NANPA

There is a strong, maybe growing need for those quality photos he produces, not just among scientists and the general public but also with current and potential partner organizations. “Threats to biodiversity and wild places are growing at an alarming rate,” he says.  “The time has never been more critical for photographers to use their skills to raise awareness and make a difference, whether it’s on a local or global scale. Partnering with conservation organizations is one way to both learn about important environmental issues and get your photographs seen by a wider audience.”

Despite the threats to species and ecosystems, Linder is optimistic. “I’m looking forward to more years of doing what I’ve been doing—telling stories.  Whether it’s working with a science team or documenting a natural history story in my own backyard, the common element that keeps me going is the challenge of weaving together a series of photographs to reveal the bigger picture.”

“The Big Thaw” is a multi-award-winning book about the Arctic permafrost and the environmental threats it faces. Linder provided the stunning photographs that illustrate the book. Not one to rest on his laurels, “I’m currently working on a new hardcover book proposal about Antarctica,” he relates, “the culmination of multiple seasons of work at McMurdo and Palmer stations. I will be sure to let my friends at NANPA know when it’s published!”

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