Honduras Single Origin Specialty Coffee – Spirit Animal Coffee

Do you have what it takes?

From a climate perspective, it couldn’t be a better match.
Honduras’ soil is rich. The amount of rainfall is just right. Our coffee lots are protected by
shades of surrounding trees, high up in the mountains. A perfect spot for Geisha.

Let’s be clear. We’re not aiming to produce the same Geisha coffee as our friends over in Panama
or Colombia.

Geisha is a plant variety. As such, it adapts to the micro-climate of its surroundings. It will
still be delicate and fruity, but it will bring out different nuances. The land, the minerals,
the air, and the trees will stir a new story in our Geisha.

How can I be part of the Geisha project?

The first batch of our Geisha will be available 2023.
You can head over to our e-store and try out the Geisha which we currently sourced from our
friends in Santander, Colombia. This coffee comes from the exact same lot where we sourced the
seeds to grow our Honduran Geisha cultivar. By buying this current batch, you will automatically
get on top of the waiting list of our first Honduran harvest. It will be super-limited, so why
not get yourself a head start?

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