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Greetings from Ishka Kankueb Yoga

Greetings from Ishka Kankueb Yoga. An ashram in Cali, Colombia, where Mesoamerican and Asian traditions blend for a Mayan cosmology with eastern traditions.

This is day four of about 20 days in which Mi Amor Juliana Tabares and I are here enjoying the peace and serenity of the Eternal Summer. A year ago, at this time, we were in the Eternal Spring of Medellin, though I do believe it has been cooler here overall. However, the best part is, as the weather is the same every day all year in all of Colombia.

It is effortless to get in the flow and stay there under these conditions at Ishka Kankueb Yoga. While Juli spends much of her time doing yoga, I have spent almost all my time thus far finishing my book This is How it Feels to Heal. We will have more on this immersion in the coming days. Still, since I do not plan to be online much, I wanted to announce a few items concerning my work and upcoming offerings.

But first, a few photos.

Last summer, I facilitated a six-week group for recovery from the substance, pivotal life events, or any other form of significant trauma or illness from the angle of Shamanic Counseling.

The feedback from this offering was overwhelming, and people shared with me afterward how grateful they were for the time.

I have created a playlist in which a few of the videos contained in the course are featured to explain a bit more about the process. Also, I will add others as examples of what is included on various topics over the coming days.

You can access that playlist here on my YouTube Channel (please like and subscribe!!!)

The access the course itself, follow this link:

As is the case with work like this, reviews are rarely given due to privacy. Unfortunately, this is a large part of my professional work in addiction. I am “out of network” and do not accept insurance to keep personal matters their own.

As is the case with work like this, reviews are rarely given due to privacy. This is also a large part of the reason in my professional work in addiction that I remain “out of network” and do not accept insurance to keep peoples’ personal matters their own

While I work in various forms of Shamanic practice beyond its adaptation to recovery as well as recovery without any form of spirituality to earn my living, I have offered several free or reduced cost groups over the years like the one I currently offer on Wednesday evenings as well as the upcoming Shamanic journey weekly group beginning soon.

Lately, a popular offering I have is a “quick-hitter” group of sessions for people to gauge their commitment to immediate change by outlining potential steps. I call it the Three Week Intensive, and you can find out more about it here:

As always, check my website and the blog for details.

Also, be sure to check out Ishka Kankueb Yoga’s website:

Thank you, and check back soon!

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