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Twin flames and soulmates – Twin flame, soulmate, Love life, Love

Hey friend,

I am thinking about Twin flames and soulmates today. I want to ask you, have you found yours? In life, we can have many soulmates but there is only one Twin flame. I have studied this topic a lot and that is why I want to share this information with you.

How do you tell the difference between these two? A soulmate can be a friend or a relative even, but the Twin flame connection is a lot deeper; it is about growing and learning. The Twin flame connection is about bringing up all the junk from your past life and healing it, while also growing and evolving at the same time. Soulmate connection is basically just about loving and honoring each other and having a deep connection. Twin flames and soulmates are both about love and partnership.

Can your Twin flame be a narcissist? Yes I believe they can. This happened to me, so I strongly feel yes. A Twin flame connection is never easy and it is at its worst so very painful to endure. If you can rise above all the pain together and evolve and learn, that is when the true love grows and starts showing up. But it takes time and work.

If you need guidance or coaching related to this topic, feel free to book me for a session. I love to help others with their love lives!

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