Does Medimix make the best acne face wash?

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The best face wash for acne?

Review of Medimix (Ayurvedic) Face wash

Ayurvedic skincare and the best over the counter acne treatment

It’s safe to say that everyone is looking for the holy grail– the best acne face wash. The one, cheap treatment that eradicates acne in totality, erases all signs of post acne scars, leaving the skin looking like a super model and costs under a few bucks. Oh, and lasts for months with zero side-effects. Maybe I left off a few but that’s the gist. Unfortunately, this isn’t that acne face wash, but I try not to make perfect the enemy of pretty damn good. And this product is pretty damn good.

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Medimeix acne face wash

Background– Ayurveda and acne

The brand Medimix has been around in India since 1969 and traces its beginning to an Ayurvedic practitioner by the name of by Dr. V.P. Sidhan. He created a line of soaps with various high quality Ayurvedic ingredients steeped in the traditions of his family and country to treat skin disorders and diseases.

In 2013, the company was considered one of most trusted brands in India (56th) and in the category for personal care (13th) by the Economic Times which conducted a Brand Equity Survey.

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List of major Ingredients with brief description

Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) – Herb found in India. Good for skin texture and fighting acne. [1]

Nimba (Azadirachta indica) – Commonly refereed to as Neem. Neem oil for acne treatment has a long history. Once more, neem oil acne fighting prowess has been studied. The results show that it reduces the inflammation of acne and is considered to have infection fighting properties. [2]

Haridra (Curcuma longa) – Commonly referred to as Turmeric. Great anti-inflammatory and microbial properties. [3], [4]

Kushtha (Saussurea lappa) – Thistle species native to South Asia. It promotes healthy complexion. [5]

Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) – An evergreen Ayurvedic plant found in the tropics and sub-tropics. Has wide ethnomedicinal properties, of which not limited to anti-inflammatory and anti-acne effects. [6]

Kumari (Aloe Vera) – Profound and widespread affects which are beneficial to the skin. It has anti-inflammatory affects and acts as a bactericide or bacteriocide (Bcidal) for acne causing bacteria. Is this the best aloe vera gel for acne? Try it for yourself. [7]

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The product in use


  • Soap free acne gel
  • Paraben free
  • Pimple-free, soft and glowing skin
  • Uses essential herbs suited for all skin types
  • Works for more than acne
  • Skin radiates and is hydrated
  • Shrinks or diminishes the appearance of enlarged pores and minor scars
  • No animal fats
  • No chalky or streaky residue that can stain clothes or bedsheets
  • Absorbed quickly
  • Small amounts can cover high volume


  • Several inactive (not harmful) chemicals, mainly for stability, preservation and color
  • The color can change over time but the product efficacy remains unchanged
  • Should be stored in environment devoid of extremes of temperature or humidity
  • Few places carry it (hopefully Amazon has more supplies/suppliers in the future)
  • When purchased online, it may take several weeks for shipment to arrive depending on supplier
  • Does have an herbal smell that’s not too pungent but is noticeable and may be an issue for those with sensitivities to smell. Though smell doesn’t appear to linger in small amounts

Summary–The best acne face wash?

I’ve spent my whole life looking for a unicorn that poops gold and requires no upkeep, only reward. Still searching. Much the same way with Medimix– while not the holy grail of acne treatments, it is a worthwhile product that has multiple uses. Plus, a little goes a long ways.

I stumbled upon this product when I attended a health fair a few weeks ago and have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of the product as well as the other property lines (soaps, cosmetics).

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You can see from the ingredient list the impressive thought that went into formulation. I’m not going to get into the specific aspects of Ayurveda medicine as I don’t feel qualified. After doing some research into the herbs contained in the product I’m intrigued to look into it further.


Sometimes with new products there is a trial time, where the body needs to adapt or adjust to the substance. This may manifest itself as the condition growing in intensity and severity due to several reasons. I won’t say this happened to me or that I found it in the reviews of others, only that it’s something to be mindful of and take into consideration when trying any new product.

Once more, having used the product and being satisfied with its efficacy (diminished size of pores and minor acne scars), quality of ingredients due to reputation of company, I recommend the product with the caveat of consulting a medical doctor for any questions and starting slow the first few day in order to make sure no allergic reactions or unknown side-effects occur.

Finally, I want to state that I didn’t use it for acne, as I don’t have any at the moment, so I can’t vouch for that aspect of the product. Though the product does have favorable reviews online for its acne treatment abilities. It did have a positive impact on my dermatitis and acted like a gentle moisturizer that lessened the appearance of minor scars while using the product.

I would really love for readers to try it out and offer feedback, either in comments or in a message to me.

With that said, this really is a great product and I look forward to your experiences.

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