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BEHOLD, I AM DOING A NEW THING – ISAIAH 43:19 – The Godly Chic Diaries

2020 just proved holiness will outlive putting our identity in short-lived happy — I feel like I just came out of 2020 as a literal warrior. I’m stronger, better-focused, more-determined and more joyful than I’ve ever been…

There were moments, where I whispered angrily, “God where ARE you? And I’m telling you I felt His hand settle over my heart and reassure me, “I’m here”, HE is Oh, so close. His arms wraps around me and my muscles release the farce of their strength. A kiss on my forehead, and my mind let’s go of the need to make sense of everything or to worry when it can’t. My heartbeat twins with His, and I am floating, suspended in the safety of sacred connectedness. In this place, I feel the reality of this scripture: “In all their affliction, He was afflicted, And the angels of His presence saved them…” (Isaiah 63:9)

Friends, God is so amazing that He always directs us to what is good. Let us not dwell in the past. Let us not hold grudges to one another. Instead let us forgive and just leave it all behind and let God handle it. If you are in need of healing from hurt you experienced in the past, pray for peace and healing to God. He makes all things new. Let’s just make room for change — may it be our old habits, our perspectives or anything we think may be hindrances to what God has called us to be. Let’s be prepared to be vessels, for HIS GLORY only.

Lord, thank you for everything. I’m excited for this journey of growing with you daily. This 2021  “I’m here,” is hollow comfort indeed. It has become the very thing my soul needs to hear. Although the general consensus for 2020 was hard, I truly believe it was revolutionary for me. And I know, as I wait, His presence is holding me up, persevering and strengthening me to keep going. Praying for a blessed year for ALL of us! Amen! God bless.💕

Blessings and Love…😊🙏❤

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