25 things I’ve learnt at 25

Last month I turned 25…yikes! I think I’ve finally started to feel like I am stepping into the shoes of an adult rather than a child or a teenager and as a result I’m going to share with you some of what I have learnt over my years on this planet:

1. You have the same right to be on this planet as anyone else.

2. Always be yourself.

3. Don’t let other people treat you like shit.

4. Anything can happen at any given time, anything.

5. Life rarely happens like you plan it out to be.

6. Your journey is not to be compared to others. It is not a competition.

7. We all have different starting points.

8. Love is all that matters, in what ever forms you wish that to be.

9. You can’t take materialistic things with you when you die.

10. Spend more money and time on experiences.

11. Always strive for yours goals, no matter how many times you get knocked back.

12. You’re not as fat as you perceive yourself to be.

13. Heartbreaks hurt, but you will get through it and it will teach you something positive.

14. Explore the world whilst you can!

15. If your gut is telling you something, it is usually right.

16. The brain is an extremely powerful organ and it can destroy you as well as make you.

17. Start saving at the earliest opportunity…adulting is expensive!

18. Take it step by step; the bigger picture will overwhelm you.

19. There’s always going to be someone that doesn’t like you.

20. There are always two sides to every story and someone may see you differently because of an untrue story.

21. We all make mistakes. Own up to them. Apologise if necessary.

22. Take time to yourself, own your own.

23. Always talk to someone. 

24. Always sleep on a decision before you make it.

25. Recognise toxicity. The sooner it’s dealt with, the better you will feel.

could write many more, but this is the list for now…


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