Most Trending Roblox Games Of 2021

James Boss


Roblox has a total of 40 million games available and sourced by their game engine, which is a sign of their massive popularity. More than three hundred million players play these games daily, which is more than any other online game right now. As such, many Roblox games are trending online every year.

As a Roblox fan, you should be aware of the biggest, and most played Roblox games in 2021. We have created a list of the top games, and you can check out these games to see the hype for yourself.


A creation of the developer MiniToon, Piggy only came out last year in January. It is a survival horror game with over 9 billion visits by now. Naturally, Piggy is the most popular Roblox game and the most trending one.

The game mechanics are simple; players explore the map to find items and clues to escape while Piggy, the game’s monster, hunts them through the scary structures. It is how most survival games work and provides a thrilling and terrifying experience to the players. If you are interested in playing horror games, you must check out this one on Greenville Roblox.


This game is heavily different from the last one before in terms of genre and mechanics. Arsenal is an FPS game in Roblox, and its developers are members of the ROLVe community. The game came out in 2015 and has had over three billion visits. As you can imagine, the game is massive in terms of player count.

Arsenal has several game modes for players to choose from, and each offers a new way of playing the game. Finding the goodness of a fast-paced shooting game in the confines of Roblox is amazing to see. We highly recommend playing Arsenal if you are interested in that genre.

Murder Mystery 2

Created by the developer Nikilis back in 2014, Murder Mystery 2 is a game with a similar premise to many other clue-finding horror games. The game almost has 5 million visits and has been extremely popular in the Roblox community.

As far as gameplay is concerned, there is a group of Innocents with a Sheriff who has to figure out the murder mystery through deduction and inference. A killer has to eliminate players from this group before they figure out the case, and the killer is eliminated. It is a fun game and players can play it with friends.


A fairly recent game by RELL World, Shindo Life, came out in January 2020 and has become wildly popular amongst anime fans. It is an RPG game in the vein of the famous anime series Naruto. Fans of the show on Roblox have been in love with this game, as seen by the 1.3 billion visits it has.

The game is open world and lets you fight other players arena style. Shindo Life has boss fights and fun mechanics for players to explore. Check out the game if you’re a fan of Naruto.

Royale High

Royale High is an excellent and impressive attempt at making a serious game in Roblox with sprawling environments and incredible mechanics. While many might discard it as a high school simulator, Royale High offers an exhilarating experience for players who like dressing and customizing in simulation games.

Royale High came out in 2007 as a product of the lead developer Callmehbob. Other developers worked on it, too, and the game has amassed many visits and even sold toys and merchandise. Royale High is definitely one of our favorites on this list, and we’d highly recommend playing it.

Meep City

Meep City is massive regarding the number of visits till now. With a massive total of 12.5 billion since its release in 2016, this game is as popular as it gets in Roblox. It was developed by alexnewtron and let players hang out with each other in social environments.

The map is expansive, and there is a lot to explore in Meep City. There is an enormous number of items in the game, and players get an intricate socializing experience. Meep City is one of the best games to be checked out for younger players.


Of course, this list would be incomplete without honorable mentions such as Anime Fighters, Pet Simulator X, and Adopt Me! These games are iconic and highly popular on Roblox. We’d recommend giving them a try if you have already played the other ones. Many others on Roblox have different genres and are entertaining.


Our list is based on the number of visits and how long these games have been trending on Roblox. It is amazing to see how much developers achieve through the Roblox Engine. These games have serious effort put into them and are usually bug-free.


Let us know in the comments which games piqued your interest!



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