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Are There More Nintendo Animated Movies Already in the Works?

Seth Rogen Donkey Kong Animated Movie Rumored as Mario Spinoff

The Book of Boba Fett

Jennifer Beals confirmed she is indeed playing the Twi’lek seen in the recent Book of Boba Fett trailer.


Untitled Roswell Drama

Deadline also has word that an untitled drama series based on the Roswell incident is now in development at TNT from Project Bluebook showrunners David O’Leary and Sean Jablonski.


The Witcher

Geralt hands Ciri a wooden training sword in a new photo showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich describes as “one of her favorite moments in season two.”



The U.S. president delivers a global address in the synopsis for “Going Home, the fifth episode of Invasion.

The president of the United States gives an urgent global address in an attempt to prepare the world for what lies ahead.


[Spoiler TV]


Chucky is disposed of as medical waste in the trailer for his next episode, “Little Little Lies.

La Brea

Meanwhile, an ice storm approaches in the trailer for next week’s episode of La Brea.


Supergirl gets the old gang back together in the trailer for its two-hour series finale next week.


Finally, Keith David joins the cast of Stargirl as Mr. Bones in a new teaser for season three.

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