Mindful Christmas gifting for yourself and your loved ones

Getting together with family and friends has been a little tricky – to put it mildly – thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, and it’s no secret that many of us are well overdue for warm hugs and close, cosy moments with our loved ones. With many of us still unable to travel to see family for many reasons, it becomes especially important to connect with them and share gifts and presents to let them know you’re thinking of them. If it’s been difficult to plan quality time together this year, or you’re not sure when you’ll next get to see friends face-to-face, a thoughtful gift can help you stay connected even when you’re apart.

In this special blog, we’ve rounded up 10 different types of people many of us have in our lives; the friend who needs to relax more; the yogi; the foodie; the eco warrior, and of course the kids in your life. You’ll find sustainable, eco-friendly and beautiful gifts that show your loved ones you’ve really thought about them this year. No matter who you’re shopping for, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gifts and inspiring stocking fillers that are sure to make them smile.

Shop our essential edit for meditation and wellness gifts: encourage your friends and family to dive into self-care and embodiment – all thoughtfully selected and developed with our ethical and eco-friendly suppliers to bring thoughtful joy this festive shopping season.

Self Care Christmas gifts

  1. For the friend who needs to de-stress

If the *ahem* ‘friend’ who needs to de-stress is actually yourself, then by all means treat yourself to these relaxing and restoring gifts ASAP (because your friends and family would definitely appreciate seeing you less stressed too!) First up is the Aery Aromatherapy ‘Heavily Meditated’ Candle, with a blend of frankincense, patchouli and thyme, plus hints of eucalyptus, cedar, cinnamon and bay to soothe the senses. The gift tube is recycled, and the candle is natural soy wax, so you can rest in the knowledge you’re being kind to the environment as well as the gift recipient. For something to sip, choose the Pukka Organic Aqua Herbs Chamomile Relax blend – a floral blend of chamomile, ashwagandha and lavender, and benefits including relieving anxiety and stress, boosting digestion and strengthening the nervous system.

  1. For the tea-lover

For the person obsessed with tea and all things soothing, gift them the Pukka Organic Tea Discovery Box, complete with 42 herbal teas in a sustainable bamboo box – 100% vegan, ethically sourced and organically grown. Or if you’re gifting this pre-Christmas, opt for the Organic Christmas Tea Advent Calendar! Help them drink their tea on-the-go with the S’ip By Swell Travel Mug in clean slate, which is importantly BPA free and made from stainless steel.

  1. For the yogi

At Yogamatters, it’s not difficult to find something your yogi friend will love! To gift them something sustainable and different they’ll love, grab the Yogamatters Organic Cotton Meditation Cushion, and the Yogamatters Organic Cotton Yoga Mat to help their practice feel more eco-friendly and certified organic! Hand-woven by Indian craftspeople and naturally absorbent, it’s perfect for both a relaxing and dynamic practice. A Yogamatters gift card is always a safe bet with the yogi friend too.

  1. For the friend who doesn’t sleep well

Do you have a loved one who can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep? The friend who always seems tired and frazzled, or who needs to take more care of their relaxation time? For those who find it challenging to nod off, gift them the Thought Tabbie Printed Eye Mask in navy, which is super-soft, planet friendly, and can help the body move into a more optimal deep sleep by blocking out excess lights at night. Before bed, they’ll love the Olverum Resful Sleep Pillow Mist, designed to not only to improve ease of getting to sleep, but overall sleep quality too. Olverum say: “Scientifically formulated to work in harmony with your natural nightly sleep cycle, the exactingly balanced fragrance development of its key ingredients supports and enhances each of the four key stages of sleep. Just two spritzes applied to linens can ease you into a trouble-free slumber, enhance the health benefits of deep sleep, and boost your daytime energy levels”.

  1. For the friend who wants to start meditating

The benefits of meditation are well known by now; reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus, enhancing self-compassion, and literally re-wiring the brain, so if your friend wants to start a meditation practice, gift them a few essentials to support them. Jack Kornfield’s Meditation For Beginners book and CD is a great way to start a meditation practice and be consistent with it (which is where much of the benefit lies). Jack Kornfield will show you how easy it is to start and stick with a meditation practice with six guided meditations, allowing the benefits of meditation to flow into daily life. To make meditating more comfortable, gift them the Yogamatters Ikat Round Meditation Cushion and the Yogamatters Hemp Zabuton for a little extra comfort for the ankles and a lot of sustainable goodness. If you want to try a yoga kit that gives you all the essentials you need, our Home Meditation Yoga Kit is an easy pick.

  1. For the foodie

For the friend who loves to cook, The Mindful Foodie is written by Heather Thomas – an ‘environmental foodie on a holistic path, committed to creating positive change, nurturing nature connection, and transforming the way we eat’. This beautiful recipe book includes bite-size philosophical notes, meaningful questions, joyful rituals, and a feast of vegetarian recipes, benefitting both mind and body. One Pot, Pan, Planet by Anna Jones is another great option for more conscious cooking, and is an award-winning recipe book with over 200 quick and sustainable recipes with minimal washing up.

Wellness Gifts for Him

  1. For the man in your life

Men can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, but thankfully, we’ve got that base covered. For the man who practices yoga, he’ll love the Renegade Moksha Urban Zen tee in urban black, made with soft, certified organic cotton and bamboo, and the sustainable Yogamatters eco drawstring yoga shorts. If he wants to improve his flexibility, gift him the Stiff Guy Yoga guide, complete with a 30 day challenge to encourage more flexibility and less stress in no time at all.

Wellness beauty gifts for sleep

  1. For the eco warrior

For the friend who was wearing hemp and carrying reusable tote bags before it was cool, Yogamatters has plenty of planet-friendly yogawear and equipment to support a greener life. Stock up your friend’s self-care kit with The Natural Deodorant Orange + Bergamot Balm, including a clever combination of antibacterial magnesium and sodium bicarbonate for all-day odour protection, without hormone disrupting chemicals that so many other unnatural deodorants contain. Add to that the Georganics Charcoal Tooth Powder, with a whitening and stain-removing blend that cleans the mouth without toxic chemicals in most supermarket toothpastes. Finally, for more ideas on saving the planet in everyday ways, choose Live Green: 52 Steps For A More Sustainable Life by Jen Chillingsworth, who shows us how we can make eco-friendly cleaning products, buy vintage furniture, make home-made moth repellent, improve a natural beauty regime, and create ethical Christmas decorations.

  1. For the kids

Good habits start at an early age, and the sooner we can help children make healthy, conscious decisions, the more they’ll be empowered to carry these positive habits with them for life. Give the boys the Yogamatters eco yoga t-shirt and matching black shorts, and gift girls the eco high-waisted leggings and eco cropped yoga top. The best part is that every part of these kids’ clothing items is made with a blend of organic cotton and TENCEL Modal and Elastane – essentially meaning they’re breathable, stretchy and durable, without any itchy labels or tags! To help them get started on their yoga journey, send them the Go Yogi! Card Set with 50 everyday poses for calm, happy kids, and Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises For Kids by Eline Snel.

  1. For you

As you’ve been so generous with all your gifting, it’s only right you treat yourself too. What would you choose? The new Yogamatters Bespoke Binny Bolster? The organic cotton yoga blanket for cosy evenings? Or perhaps the Goddess Pulse Roller with divine rose geranium, neroli and bay. Perhaps a few stocking stuffers? Try adding a few wellness must-haves to your list this year.

Shop the entire Yogamatters Christmas Gift Guide and get perfect presents that are sure to make them smile this season. Order early to avoid shipping delays!

Emma is a 500hr qualified Yoga teacher, musician, massage therapist, cook, and writer. Having grown up surrounded by Yoga and meditation, Emma began her practice at a young age and has continued to study and develop her understanding of Yoga on a daily basis. Training internationally with inspirational teachers, Emma’s passions now lie primarily in philosophy and Yoga off the mat. Emma currently teaches regularly in Sussex, co-leading teacher trainings, retreats, workshops and kirtans, and also manages the Brighton Yoga Festival.

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