12 Scary Horror Movies to Stream for Halloween

So... hungry...

So… hungry…
Image: Focus World

Where can I watch Raw?

(Watch on Netflix) When Julia Ducournau won the prestigious Palme d’Or for Titane at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, nobody who’d seen her tremendous 2021 directorial debut Raw was one bit surprised. As this coming-of-age tale begins, a veterinary student (Garance Marillier) who’s a committed vegetarian is forced—by her older sister, a second-year student—to eat a rabbit kidney as part of a hazing ritual. Soon after, it awakens new cravings for meat… specifically human flesh. That sounds lurid and trashy and while Raw is definitely a cannibal movie (with the repulsive visuals to match), it might be the most emotionally nuanced cannibal movie on record. Maybe finish up your candy stash before you watch it though.

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