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Leading Through Invisible Dissent with Kellie Beattie

Constructive discussions are essential for good decisions and great results. But how do you create an environment that helps to surface disagreement and overcome the challenges of invisible dissent? In this episode, Kelly Beattie shares practical steps you can take to help every team member engage.

Leading Through Invisible Dissent

3:00 – Why leaders must meet people where they are

7:51 – How leaders create respectful conversations

10:51 – The role of clear expectations with regard to what’s possible

11:55 – Creating clarity about what you can control and influence

13:28 – Applying these concepts to the current conversations about remote workers returning to the office

15:55 – Why the most effective leaders spend 80% of their time focused on their people and 20% on the work. (Average leaders flip these ratios.)

18:48 – How to avoid misreading non-verbals and invite people into dialogue

23:45 – Defining invisible dissent and how leaders can decide what to do with it once they’re aware of it

25:51 – Why you should humanize upper management – and how to do it.

30:00 – Skills for communicating unpopular or poorly understood decisions

31:42 – Listening without owning the other person’s emotions

33:05 – Why it’s so important to define who owns a decision when asking for input

34:00 – An effective way for leaders to move through dissent without asking people to change their minds or emotions.

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