From the T90 to the EOS R3 – a visual tour of Canon’s high-end cameras (photo gallery)


Yeah, it’s too bad that Minolta never got the respect they deserved, because they were the most innovative brand out there.

Also, I said I find them ugly, not that they don’t handle well. Pentax and Olympus make bodies with superb handling too, but that actually look pretty, so it’s not impossible to do both.

PS: the T90 was a dead end, the Neanderthal of the manual era. Most of its ‘innovative’ features, like multi-spot metering, had been pioneered by others before.

PPS: The EOS-3 is beautiful, though. If Canon had pushed along that design ethos, instead of going back to ‘half-melted lego brick’, my opinion of their cameras would likely be different.

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