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Free Online Courses for Getting Better at Money Management

School buildings may be closed but class is still in session. This year forced creators to get more resourceful than ever, whether it was overhauling their marketing strategies, creating new products in record time, or pivoting their budget to account for profit loss. Making hard but necessary business moves weren’t the only adjustments that had to be made. Self-education had to get scrappier, too. Under normal circumstances, you may have attended conferences, went to school, or paid for an online course to sharper your entrepreneurial skills—not so easy to do in the middle of an unpredictable pandemic. Thankfully, there are free resources that don’t require leaving the house or emptying your bank account; specifically, free online courses for money management.

Knowing how to maintain a budget is important not only when you’re starting out but as you grow too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur dipping into your own savings to start a business or teaming up with others and utilizing a business account: it can be helpful to know the basics. While none of these free online courses are replacements for an accountant, they provide a solid foundation of the basics to get you (and your bank account) on the right path.

Clever Girl Finance founder Bola Sokunbi is among some of the most popular financial experts on social media today. Her website serves as a hub for her many ventures (podcast, blog, video, and more), including free financial literacy courses that tackle the basics, investing, business, and more.

My Money Coach’s online course is a set of 16 video modules that cover the most important aspects of financial wellness, including how to avoid going into debt and what to do when you don’t have enough money to reach a goal.

This standout course is actually a podcast series (only available on iPhones and the iTunes app) broken down into classes that cover topics necessary to “understand the effects of financial decisions on individuals, families, and society.”

This public service website founded by Wells Fargo provides a wealth of free resources for understanding every level of a financial wellness journey, including preparing for a rainy day.

This free Udemy course explores four of the most popular budgeting techniques, helps you decide which is best for you and provides advice for setting it up.

One of SkillShare’s most popular money courses is this “general guide to personal finances.” Note, however, that this is very brief and very beginner for those who have zero experience with a formal money management plan for themselves, a business, or otherwise.

This website offers nine free courses that you can take at your own pace and in your own time. Some of them include “Money Basics” and “My Life Events and Transition Plan.”

Alison, a popular go-to site for free classes, also offers a financial literacy course for understanding the budgeting basics.

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