This Obscene Motorhome Includes a Slide Out Garage for a $3 Million Bugatti Chiron

Obscene Motorhome Includes a Garage for a $3 Million Bugatti

The built-in garage isn’t the only budget-breaking feature on the Performance S. Inside the RV, travelers will find a well-appointed master suite with a raised island bed and a full-sized bathroom with separate showering facilities. (All facilitated with a slide-out extension on one side of the vehicle.) When parked, the Performance S draws power from a battery bank which can be recharged using a 2,000-watt solar array on the roof, or a gas generator. Other optional upgrades include an espresso machine that retracts into the kitchen counter, a wine cabinet, and even a dedicated office workstation so travelers can prolong their adventures.

But why stop there? If the thought of your RV is generating absurd levels of pollution with the added weight of a 4,000+ pound vehicle onboard doesn’t bother you, you’re probably also okay with lots of noise pollution too. Volkner will also upgrade the Performance S with a $350,000+ Burmester sound system that’s completely customized for the unique size and shape of the RV’s cabin. Will anyone actually buy the Performance S with every one of these options? It’s hard to imagine anyone with enough money to spend over $7 million on a motorhome has any actual interest in spending time in a motorhome over an upscale hotel, but clearly, there’s still a market for these monstrosities given Volkner rolls out new models year after year.

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