Starlink’s internet will be 40% faster than the speed of light on fiber optics: Elon Musk

This was expressed by the billionaire on his Twitter account.

September 6, 2021 2 min read

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Interested in Elon Musk’s internet? Much has been said about Starlink , the satellite internet service that the tycoon who owns Tesla and SpaceX will soon market in different countries.

Recently, the billionaire said through his Twitter account that this service “will be 40% faster than the speed of light in fiber optics and a shorter path.” He also added that ‚Äúthere is no need for ground stations everywhere. The Arctic will have great bandwidth! “

In another message, the businessman explained that his “satellites that will be launched in the coming months have laser links between satellites, so a local downlink is not needed.”

Musk’s company has low-orbit satellites that offer high-speed connectivity and low latency, which means that download times are shorter. Starlink’s internet was designed to cover remote areas where traditional companies cannot easily reach.

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