There Are 3 Types of Collagen. Are You Taking the Right Kind for Healthy Skin?*

The world of beauty trends and supplements is constantly expanding, and I have to level with you. I want radiant, youthful skin as much as any other mover and shaker, but I can’t keep up. Every passing day of adulting seems to call for an even simpler beauty routine. Sure, I’ll indulge in some new trends (funky eyeliner never hurt anybody), but for the most part, I’m sticking to the fundamentals, like a collagen supplement.* 

I’m not the only one. From beauty lattes made with collagen to scoops of it in our morning smoothies — collagen is a fan fave when it comes to skin health.* And the collagen market is still climbing, estimated to reach $6 billion by 2026. But for how much we love it (and what it does for us), how much do we really know about collagen? Keep reading to deepen your understanding of this superstar supplement.

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