The Popularity of E-Sports Gaming and How it is Generating Revenue for some Industries

There are many forms of online entertainment available and each of them is very popular with millions of people around the world, however, this article focuses on E-sports events and tournaments.

One of the many benefits that E-sports has is that if you’re a professional gamer, you can participate and get involved in your own home. Therefore, the viewership and gross revenue skyrocketed during COVID-19 global pandemic, as mainstream sport like football, tennis, cricket etc were cancelled, it was impossible to make betting selections.

Gamers and Game Casters wearing masks
Chinese gamers and Game Casters wearing masks just to participate in the LPL (League of Legends Pro League) Tournament

Because of the recession, the e-sport industry has been less impacted, professional gamers were able to use many technological devices to play and perform better in the game. As many gamers were forced to stay home due to the rules and regulations, many individuals invested in better equipment, such as buying a better headset, getting a comfortable gaming chair, and even investing in a better computer so their game can perform better.

The world industry for e-sports betting is anticipated to generate a turnover of $17 billion by 2021. Global sales in 2016 stood at 6 billion dollars. The entire world figure will grow as more people become active in the gaming industry and companies start to invest and develop new ideas to improve their operations.

Due to the global pandemic, many companies around the world were forced to close their business, 2020 was a tough time for physical businesses and even a tougher time for companies that didn’t have an e-commerce site because it means they can’t sell or generate revenue. A prime example is physical casinos, as these land-based casinos suffered a lot throughout the pandemic and due to the lack of revenue, they might not even open fully because they don’t have the funds and resources to keep the place intact.

A physical casino with new COVID-19 Safety Measures implemented after the pandemic's inicial hit
A physical casino with new COVID-19 Safety Measures implemented after the pandemic’s inicial hit

As of a result of this, many people diverted to online casinos so they can continue playing their favorite casino game, there are many web-based casinos to choose from and it can be a tricky task trying to find an online casino that you are comfortable with, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, here are online casinos for Australian players, each casino listed is highly rated and secure, our team long term punters have also highlighted the best features about each casino.

The individuals that have made the switch from physical casinos to online casinos may not even re-visit their local casino as with online casinos you can play almost anywhere like from the comfort of your own home and another advantage is that you can save money on travel and dining out.

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