The New Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge VR Lets You Play as IG-88

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge VR Trailer: IG-88 in Last Call

So much going on here. First of all, the IG-88 stuff looks like so much fun and certainly seems like it was influenced by how Jon Favreau and the team on The Mandalorian defined IG-11’s fighting style on that show. In Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge, you play as IG-88 in a side story called The Bounty of Boggs Triff. Oh, and IG-88 is voiced by a friend of IG-11’s Taika Waititi: Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords and Jumanji.

Then there’s the continuation of The High Republic story from the first game, which you see in this trailer with all the lightsaber stuff and remotes. This new story is called The Sacred Garden, and it now sees Jedi apprentice Ady’Sun Zee moving up to a Jedi Knight, and having teach her own Padawan, named Nooa.

That’s all in addition to the regular game itself, where you’re still the same old droid technician who is running around Batuu helping people out. This time, you’ll help out Hondo Ohnaka and even show down with the First Order. We’ll have much more on Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge—Last Call when it comes out September 15 on Oculus Quest. It costs $9.99.

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