Ted Lasso Actor Brett Goldstein Bravely Breaks Silence: “I Am a Human Man”

Ted Lasso Actor Breaks Silence: “I Am a Human Man”

Gizmodo had tirelessly and bravely pursued the story for one day, reaching out to Goldstein’s agent and contacting him via Instagram DM, which undoubtedly played a role in shaping his eventual dramatic confession. Rumors had swirled on Reddit and other forums for months that Goldstein’s Ted Lasso character, Roy Kent, had been digitally edited into the show, though some resisted the conspiratorial nature of the claims.

“Nah. Dude just walks funny and looks like a brunette Oscar the Grouch,” one Reddit user wrote in a since-deleted comment.

As Gizmodo has previously reported, CGI and gratuitous visual editing does play a large role in Ted Lasso’s production, specifically in scenes in which the show’s fictional football club plays matches in crowded stadiums. Just last week, eagle-eyed viewers spotted what appeared to be a notch-free iPhone 13 in one scene, potentially the result of an unintentional post-production slip-up.

The UK-based Goldstein—whose IMDB page also lists him as having recently appeared in Dr. Who and the TV movie Spaced Out—may have been the first fully CGI character on television had the rumors been true. We thank him for his candor and bravery regardless.


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