Amazon Daily Quiz Answers for Today (September 3), Win Prize Money up to ₹5,000!

Throughout the year, Amazon hosts a variety of quiz contests in which users can win cash prizes in the form of Amazon Pay Balance or gadgets. Furthermore, the online retailer hosts daily quizzes on top of special contests that run only for a limited time. Here, we will be taking a look at the contest details and even learn the answers to win a chance at the prize money.

Amazon Daily Quiz: Rules and Details

The Amazon daily quiz contest is valid from 00:00 to 23:59. It is essential that participants answer all questions correctly in the quiz. There are five questions that are generally based on current affairs and general knowledge.

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To enter the lucky draw where you can win the prize, you should provide correct answers. If you want to increase your chances of winning, ensure you answer each question in under five seconds. Note that even if you answer one question incorrectly, you lose your chance at entering the lucky draw. So, the fastest fingers stand a chance!

It is possible that you could be a lucky winner to receive Rs. 5,000 in Amazon Pay Balance if you happen to enter the lucky draw. One participant will be chosen as the winner of today’s quiz. Speaking of which, scroll to know the answers and win the prize.

Here are the five questions asked in today’s quiz contest and the prizes for the same.

Check out the following:

Amazon Daily Quiz answer for today – September 3

Question 1: In 2021, Bashar al-Assad was sworn in as the president of which country for the fourth time?
Answer: Syria

Question 2: For the first time, astronomers have uncovered evidence of water vapor in the atmosphere of Ganymede, one of the moons of which planet?
Answer: Jupiter

Question 3: Delhi University recently introduced ‘Bangabandhu Chair’ to foster better understanding of developments in which country?
Answer: Bangladesh

Question 4: What is the order of these insects known as?
Answer: Lepidoptera

Question 5: How many floors does this iconic skyscraper in the US have?
Answer: 102

Amazon Quiz Contest Answers For September 2; Win up to Rs 50,000

Here are the five questions asked in September 2’s quiz contest and the prizes for the same.

Check out the following:

Question 1: Which Country’s New Stealth Jet Has Been Dubbed “Checkmate”?
Answer: Russia

Question 2: Amrabad Tiger Reserve, India’s Second-Largest Tiger Reserve, Is Located In Which State?
Answer: Telangana

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Question 3: In July 2021, Sher Bahadur Deuba Was Sworn In As The Prime Minister Of Which Asian Country?
Answer: Nepal

Question 4: Which Of These Animals Were Not The First Passengers Of This Ride? Answer: Dog

Question 5: Which Asian Country That Is Home To The Tallest Indoor Waterfall Is Shown Here?
Answer: Singapore

So now that you have the answers, be quick to participate and we wish you all the best!

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