Chobani Spoils Dogs With Delicious New Canine-Friendly Yogurt!

It’s hard to say no to a begging dog, especially if they’re licking their lips and giving you puppy dog eyes. Yogurt is one of the many human foods that dogs can eat, but it still has risks for some pups. So, Chobani decided to make a yogurt recipe that’s specifically for canine companions. It’s safe, healthy, and tasty for your furry friends, so it’s the perfect treat to serve them.

While you eat your delicious Chobani yogurt, your pooch can enjoy their own serving right beside you. So, where can you find this special dog treat?

Dogs eating Chobani yogurtDogs eating Chobani yogurt
Image: @chobaniau/Instagram

Introducing Chobani Daily Dollop!

Daily Dollop is a recipe that’s made specifically for dogs. It’s plain yogurt that’s low-fat and lactose-free. Dogs can have sensitive stomachs when it comes to human foods, so Chobani kept that in mind while creating this unique new recipe. Right now, it’s only available in Australia.

“At Chobani, we always strive for our products to be delicious, nutritious, natural, and accessible and we’re so excited to now extend our range to include dogs!” said Olivia Dickinson, the General Manager at Chobani Australia. “[There are] only three ingredients in Daily Dollop yet it’s filled with an abundance of protein and calcium to help keep dogs healthy.”

Daily Dollop Dog YogurtDaily Dollop Dog Yogurt
Image: @gus.and.clyde/Instagram

In addition to the healthy ingredients, it also has plenty of protein and calcium to keep your canine’s teeth and bones strong. All the dogs who have tasted it so far have quickly fallen in love with the recipe.

It’s Time to Spoil Your Pup

This highly-anticipated pet product is even recommended by veterinarians. It’s full of probiotics to help keep canine consumers in top shape. Yet, your dog will love the taste so much they won’t realize they’re eating healthy.

Dog eats Chobani Daily DollopDog eats Chobani Daily Dollop
Image: @adventuresoftheodorepup/Instagram

“Yogurt is such a great source of nutrients for pets, especially dogs, and Daily Dollop serves as a welcomed addition to their daily protein and calcium intake. I highly recommend Aussies start getting on board with feeding their canine friends a bit of yoghurt during mealtime,” said Dr. Brooke Schampers, a veterinarian with Animal Emergency Service.

The distribution of this product is limited for now. It will only be released in Australia, starting in September 2021. Dog parents can find it at Woolworths supermarkets. It’s unclear if Chobani will release the product in other locations later. However, if you’re feeling creative, you can create your own yogurt recipes for your furry friend instead!

Puppy loves Chobani yogurtPuppy loves Chobani yogurt
Image: @retailworldmagazine/Instagram

Featured Image: @adventuresoftheodorepup/Instagram

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