Your Personal Immunity Depends On The Planet’s Immunity — Here’s Why

Let’s start with the planet, our planet, a planet in crisis. Climate change is no longer the topic of future conjecture. It’s the reality we live in right now, and it’s intimately connected to your personal health.

I have come to view the climate crisis as a form of immune dysfunction: weakened immunity at a planetary level. Without the balance and resilience of a healthy immune response, we know to expect this kind of dysfunction—whether that’s a matter of human biology or planetary cycles around carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and water. 

So what do we do about it? I’m focusing my new company, Big Bold Health, on the food system, and the promotion of regenerative practices on land and sea. Specifically, we’re building supply chains around Himalayan Tartary buckwheat and omega-3s that nurture rather than extract. This is the right thing to do, of course, but I want to make an additional point. It’s also essential if we want to protect the nutrients that we need most to build immune resilience.

Regenerative agriculture matters as a method of carbon sequestration in the soil, but it also matters for soil health, nutrient density, and your ability to feed and train your immune system. This is about restoring healthy ecosystems everywhere. 

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