Sustainable Living: 5 sustainable foods that will improve your dog’s health and the planet

The shift towards sustainable pet food is really hitting its strides, and for good reason. Like human diets, pet owners have turned their attention to making more sustainable choices for their dogs, and why wouldn’t you if you could?

The TBH treats range has been designed around sustainability.

Here are 5 of their superstar ingredients:

1. Seaweed
What it’s good for: Thyroid and metabolic health
Try it: Nutritious Seaweed with Chickpea & Sweet Potato

2. Cricket
What it’s good for: Packed with protein and amino acids for general wellbeing
Try it: Organic Cricket with Roasted Pumpkin & Almonds

TBH Pets

3. Chickpeas
What they’re good for: Eye health and gut health
Try it: Nutritious Seaweed with Chickpea & Sweet Potato

4. Hemp
What it’s good for: Immunity and disease prevention
Try it: Superior Hemp with Quinoa & Carrot

TBH Pets

5. Cashew nuts
What they’re good for: Heart and brain health
Try it: Organic Cricket with Hemp & Camomile

As with everything you feed your dog, it needs to be balanced so do your research. Or, just buy TBH treats as they’ve done the balancing act for you!

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