How to Photograph in an Entertainment Venue or at an Event

Flashes and lighting equipment

While you may understand how to shoot in bright sunlight, taking pictures in poor indoor light is another matter.

It is recommended that you do not rely on the built-in flash and rather use an external one. However, this will depend on the event you are photographing and what images you are trying to capture.

Flashes can sometimes be harsh, but continuous lighting will not always suit the situation. Fortunately, many modern cameras are far better at capturing good images with a high ISO setting.

Some venues are traditionally dark. If you were shooting at an entertainment venue such as a casino, you would want to capture the excitement on people‚Äôs faces and the atmosphere. These days casinos are more brightly lit and have taken away the quasi-anonymity they once afforded. Perhaps this is why so many people now play slots online in the privacy of their own homes.

Changing angles when taking shots can help you to find better light, and the difference in results can be quite dramatic. 

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