10-one-4 Watch

The 10-One-4 MoMA Design Collection Watch was the first of many in the Kalman line of designer watches.tibors wife, Maira inspired the design with a sketch of a watch face with its three random hours from which to navigate the day.10 one 4 is included in the Permanent Design Collection of The New York Museum of Modern Art.Each hand-crafted timepiece is made of stainless steel ensuring a finish that stays looking new and comes with a genuine top stitched black leather band lined with a taupe glove leather finish and a matching black buckle.10-1-4 is 33mm in diameter (1.30?) and 6.35mm high (1/4?) making this timeless classic perfect for any size wrist.complemented with a black leather stitched 18mm tapered band.the late Tibor Kalman, founder of M&Co.; began his legendary relationship with time in 1983. In the spirit of the motto imprinted on the backside of the watches Waste Not a Moment. Kalmans love of design is showcased through not only this fine and witty watch collection, but through his many books and products. They are timeless.please allow 3-7 days for shipping.

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