Woostand v1.0 Ergonomic Wood Stand for MacBook Laptop Stand

Woostand is an ergonomic stand for the MacBook 13”, 15”, 16” ( pro or air) with excellent natural cooling and low weight. free shipping! 730 grams (1,6 pondus) ! 110 layers! 100% recyclable! Woostand helps you to make the work for MacBook convenient and enjoyable. When you use a macbook with a Woostand, you get the right position of the body. Inside the stand there is a place where you can put a hard drive, a mouse, a music column, a headphones etc. When the stand is located on the lap, it keeps the posture and protects the feet from the heat of the laptop. Woostand (stand for MacBook) consists of more than 100 layers(!!!) of cardboard and 6 layers of plywood. The stand is assembled without the use of glue. The corrugated cardboard very well passes air so the macbook is excellent and naturally cooled! Characteristics (13”) : Weight 730 grams (1,6 pondus) Height 15 cm (5,9 inches) Width 33 cm (13 inches) Length 31,5 cm (12.4 inches) All materials used in the production of Woostand, as well as for its packaging are 100% recyclable and are made from renewable sources. p.s. Woostand this is my first exposed work on this site. i will continue to expose a lot of cool things 😉

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