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Murals in Oceanside

These murals are a great way to not only beautify the city, but also make it more welcoming, inviting, and ultimately walk-able. They give the community a voice and allow you to stretch your legs as you explore Oceanside through numerous murals that transform otherwise ordinary buildings into public works of art. 

Oceanside native BB Bastidas is a mural artist whose work can be seen throughout Oceanside. BB first became interested in painting while on a skate trip at age 17 which eventually led to him becoming a world famous painter, sculptor, film, mural and installation artist that pushes the boundaries of mythical, spiritual imagery. His work often includes religious iconography, Egyptian symbols and cosmic patterns pieced together with a dreamy quality that evokes different types of interpretations by those who view it. BB has traveled the world and painted murals in Paris, London and several other cities in addition to Oceanside. A few of his iconic Oceanside murals include the stunning joint ballerina and shark piece bestowed on the side of Cadence Dance Project, the emotive woman’s face at the corner of Wisconsin Ave and South Tremont St, the apropos piece for the Flying Pig Pub and Kitchen, the enchanting outdoor wall mural at The Pour House off South Coast Highway, and one of his newest murals the vibrant orange and yellow depiction on the corner of Fat Joes and Corner Market.

Another uniquely “O’side” mural can be found on the side of famed restaurant Wrench and the Rodent/The Whet Noodle. Created by accomplished artist and professional skateboarder Kris Markovich, this mural features extremely stylized characters with bright colors and graphic, edgy imagery that seems to ebb and flow along the side of the building. Visible directly off of South Coast Highway, this mural is an attention grabber that begs for a closer look.

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