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Meet Rodolfo Medina Jr: Entrepreneur Providing Medical Supplies For The Disadvantaged In The Philippines

During the COVID-19 pandemic the entire world has struggled with millions of deaths, jobs impacted and many people subject to lockdowns and not being able to see loved ones. However, many third world countries have struggled more than most due to a lack of resources and infrastructure to ensure people get what they need. One entrepreneur who has been working to help people in the Philippines get affordable medical supplies is Rodolfo Medina Jr, CEO of Medical Depot. 

Early Beginnings 

Rodolfo grew up in Manilla in the Philippines. He came from a business orientated family so grew up around entrepreneurship and by 8 years old was already running errands for his parents in their medical supplies store which they lived above. When he turned 14 his parents entrusted him with managing the store which meant whilst many of his peers were out playing he was not. This continued into his later teens when he decided to start his own medical supplies company Genesis Medical Supplies whilst attending university. 

The reason he started a medical supplies company was seeing an obvious need in the Philippines where there was a significant shortage of medical supplies in the country. As someone who grew up wanting to work in public service he felt he could use the knowledge he had built up working with his family to help provide for these people. He managed this business up until 2020 when he was made CEO of his family’s business. 

Growing The Business & Future Plans 

Upon becoming CEO of his family’s business, Medical Depot, he immediately wanted to expand the business with an emphasis on getting medical supplies to people who need them the most. COVID-19 was in full swing and many people were struggling to get access to PPE equipment or the disinfectants they needed for their homes. The way they tackled this was with a ‘3-in-1 concept’ where they would offer customers a convenience store, e-commerce and their new telehealth-ecommerce service where you can discuss your symptoms directly with a doctor and be prescribed medicine through their app. This ensured during the pandemic people could get all of their supplies at Medical Depot stores minimising the time they spent interacting with others. The concept has been a huge success and the company intends to roll out further stores across the Philippines. 

In addition to being CEO of Medical Depot Rodolfo has also founded a hotel business, Jardin Oriental Suites, where they provide low cost short term accommodation for those who can’t afford hotels. Whilst they expected to lose business during the pandemic they actually thrived as many workers coming to the region to help manage the COVID-19 outbreaks ended up staying there and Rodolfo and his team could ensure the property was protected from COVID-19 given their knowledge in the medical field. 


COVID-19 has proven to be extremely tough on lower income countries, people like Rodolfo pivoting their businesses not only to make money but to help will ensure we come out of the pandemic stronger.

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