Factors That Have Contributed to the Growth of CAFM

Computer-Aided Facilities Management CAFM, or, is the term for technology designed to help users manage the various tools, assets and overall processes that affect most businesses on a daily basis.

As an entrepreneur, your first venture should ideally consider the implementation of a robust CAFM solution. It will help boost greater efficiency, performance and streamline management, much easier than having to do things manually or using various software to do individual tasks.

Growth of CAFM

Before these systems existed, many project managers and team leaders had to gather large volumes of data from various sources and departments, leaving behind a large paper trail. Anything from blueprints, to spreadsheets, folders, layouts and other documents had to be managed manually on a computer and individually organized and categorized for the rest of the team.

Not only was this a time-consuming approach but was more vulnerable to human error. This is why CAFM was invented: https://www.fsifm.com/en-gb/ and as a major technological advancement, has become one of the most popular ways that both new and existing businesses have saved themselves a lot of hassles, and money. It focuses on the entire workplace and all assets included in it in a cost-effective, meticulous and efficient manner leaving more room for business owners to focus on their clients’ needs and sales.

So, what has the growth looked like since the introduction of this system? We look at 6 factors that have contributed towards this, below.

The Growth of CAFM Has Been Primarily Down To A Few Factors

Globalization: As mentioned above, when things were once done manually, back in the day, it proved to become a challenge, not to mention, a primitive concept. Through globalization, however, there has been a need to cope with expansion, standardization, scale and innovation, this has led to CAFMs growth. The manual system simply doesn’t work anymore. It is all about automating processes within the business, to stay ahead of your competition. 

Recession: When financial uncertainty hits the economy, it affects many things including CAFM systems. Because it helps to optimize processes, the efficiency of employees, assets and helps companies make substantial savings, it has seen to become a more and more popular choice to have in an organization, as opposed to spending thousands of pounds on different software’s which need their licenses renewed annually, or monthly, and costly upgrades. Any way a company can save spending copious amounts of money is a clever way to go about doing things.

Mobile Application: Everything is going mobile nowadays. The commonplace for people to be on is inevitably their mobile phones. When you have the option of an on-the-go facilities management system, who wouldn’t want to be part of this? New business owners especially, should join the club. It has become a necessity to be able to tap into a dashboard or leave a comment at any time of the day and night, and with CAFMs going mobile brings this opportunity to many. Reacting in real-time brings benefits to you and your customers. 


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