Facebook Couples already allows you to create audio rooms and look for love abroad, this is how it works

The Facebook Couples platform introduced its new Audio Dates, Match Anywhere and Lucky Pick functions to help you find love, a partner or casual encounters, whichever comes first, get to know them and take advantage of them!

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To help its users find love more interactively and across borders, Facebok Parejas , the dating app on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform, added three very useful functions. One of the novelties is to be able to create audio rooms to chat with your ‘match’, and the other is that it will already allow you to expand your search abroad.

While not as popular as other dating apps, Facebook Dating is striving to be competitive.

With this in mind, the app implemented three important changes to improve the user experience and become a good option to find love, a partner or casual encounters, whichever comes first.

Audio Dates, the audio rooms on Facebook Couples

One of the new features is the audio chats , which will allow users to start a voice conversation with the person of interest. To use it, it is enough for one of the two to try to initiate a call , the other person will receive an invitation and, if they accept it, they will be able to talk.

This function can be very helpful in matters of security and trust, since by details such as the tone of voice or the ambient sound you can obtain more information about your ‘match’.

Match Anywhere allows you to find a partner abroad

A few months ago, Tinder made changes so that its users could meet people from other countries even if they were not there. Now, Facebook Couples is following suit and implemented the Match Anywhere feature, which gives you the option of setting up up to two additional locations outside of your ‘home’ city to search for potential mates.

Match Anywhere is intended for those who move frequently or travel constantly, It is also a way to adapt to the needs of the new normal, a scenario in which people can work remotely from anywhere temporarily, and not a few they have become digital nomads.

Lucky Pick, when Facebook Dating finds the partner you were NOT looking for

The platform presented a third tool called Lucky Pick, to help those who do not know what they want, or who are tired of searching and prefer that Facebook Dating is to set up a ‘blind date’.

This feature “invites people using this platform to consider other compatible candidates that may be outside of their typical preferences,” Alexandru Voica, Facebook spokesperson in EMEA, explained on Twitter.

In the Twitter thread where he explains each of the new functions, Voica pointed out that in the last year people have adopted virtual dates, so the use of the Virtual dates function has grown more than 50%. Also the number of messages sent daily increased by 55%, especially on Sundays at 7:00 p.m., which is the most popular time to search for love online.

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