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Top 8 Investing Blogs to Follow in 2021


If you want to be a successful investor, then you must educate yourself about different areas of investment. Researching investing topics and updating yourself with investing news is very important to know which financial assets to choose and make a move. Online resources like investing blogs are a great option to read and learn about unique investment ideas. Here are the best investing blogs of 2021 you may follow:

1. The Reformed Broker – Josh Brown

Josh shares his insight on the market and different areas of investment on his fun blog “The Reformed Broker” and Twitter account @reformedbroker. He is not only a pro-investor but he is also on every major economic news network at least once a week.

2. The Simple Path to Wealth – Jim Collins

Jim is not only an investment blogger but he is also a financial independence blogger. He has adequate knowledge about almost everything there is when it comes to investment. He is an expert in showing simple investment strategies using terms even beginners can understand. Apart from going through his blog “The Simple Path to Wealth”, you may also go for Jim Collins’ recent talk at Google.

3. The Big Picture – Barry Ritholtz

Barry Ritholtz is a professional money manager who offers investing insight, as well as general commentary through his blog “The Big Picture” that he started in 2003. Posting multiple times a day, Barry shares his thought on the current economy and financial markets that traders may find useful. The blog is very easy and interesting to read. You may also follow his Twitter account @ritholtz.

4. Financial Mentor – Todd Tresidder

Todd Tresidder is the founder and financial coach of his blog “Financial Mentor”. He assists investors to figure out their finances and investment ideas for the future. A very straightforward blogger, he tends to cover investing news from the perspective of behavior finance with common-sense reality. 80% of his blog is about investing and 20% of it is about personal finance.

5. Financial Samurai – Sam Dogen

A former Wall Street person, Sam Dogen writes about investing and personal finance on his blog “Financial Samurai”. His articles are some of the most unique ones online – extremely thoughtful and professionally written. Sam tends to go into deep and complicated theories of investments in his articles. Not only they are full of information but they also engage people and create a conversation on different strategies.

6. Nerd’s Eye View – Michael Kitces

Although Michael’s blog is known for providing commentary on financial planning, he also offers his insights on the system. His blog “Nerd’s Eye View” helps readers to understand what works and what does not work in investment. He not only covers investing but also government regulations regarding investment vehicles, which is very helpful when it comes to trading and investing internationally. Follow his Twitter account @MichaelKitces for more exclusive updates.

7. The White Coat Investor – Jim Dahle

Jim Dahle’s blog “The White Coat Investor” focuses on the issues faced by high net worth individuals. It may seem like he follows a niche, but that is not true. In reality, topics covered by him apply to most investors. One of his plus points is that he describes the topics in detail and some of the articles he writes are very in-depth. You may follow his Twitter account @WCInvestor as well.

8. Crossing Wall Street – Eddy Elfenbein

The founder of “Crossing Wall Street”, Eddy Elfenbein maintains a blog focusing on the market and stocks. He offers his insights on the overall market, as well as individual companies. Eddy is a very rare kind of investor himself who follows the buy-and-hold strategy. He is very well known for beating the S&P500 by 72% over the past fifteen years. Visit his blog and his Twitter account @EddyElfenbein to check out his stuff.

Follow these blogs and learn effective investment strategies, as well as get important updates on investing news.


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